• Wall of Voodoo - Call of the West

    20 déc. 2008, 13h25m par jheisel

    Spending my middle school years listening to 96.7 WLUV "THE HEAT" FM was often a mistake. Particularly during the weekdays. But on Friday and Saturday nights, for an hour or two, semi-amateur DJ Mark Snodgrass came on, somehow having the only live, locally-broadcast show on this satellite radio network. And from what I recall, he often opened with a quirky, 80s synth-heavy (but not in the overproduced Duran Duran way) track called "Mexican Radio". After some time, in early high school years, I played with one of those computers at Best Buy, plugged the track name in, and found out it came from Wall of Voodoo - Call Of The West -- which, surprisingly, Best Buy had a copy of in stock. So, this is another album that takes me back to my high school years, an album that came into existence the same time as the last band you forced me to listen to was just getting their start. Outside of the "hit" mentioned above, the rest of the album takes a moody and dated feel. …