• Waiting for Steve, X 2009.

    13 Oct 2009, 10:44 de patryxdeth

    Fri 2 Oct – Konzert zum Gemeindejubiläum

    So I went to an atmospheric, informal, almost mystical concert by Waiting For Steve last night.
    About an hour before the concert was set to begin (I think), I called Thomas to ask where and when exactly they were playing, since any official information on this was a bit hard to attain. He said he himself didn't know yet (Seriously! - Musicians, I guess...).

    Then he called me back, and directed my wife and me to the small old church in a small old German town called Naunheim. It was after dark, and in a small old German town that means that the town is dead. Luckily the church was at the exact center of the town (did I write "luckily"? it's always like that in small old German towns), so it was not hard to find.

    The place was not exactly crowded, there were some young teenagers and some people who might have been their parents (apparently the little advertisement that the event had received was to the church congregation…