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Dirt (3:18)


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  • It wouldn't be too bad if the vocals were changed but they seem to clash with the more chill vibe of the music.
  • haunting and addictive.
  • interesting
  • those drums...
  • diamond voices sing diamond songs
  • oh, my God. THIS IS AWFUL
  • This band is such a trite cliche, leaves an awful taste in my mouth.
  • RIP
  • ohhh wow!
  • Wow!
  • im getting into it ................
  • I know he's saying "Go tell fire", but it sounds like "I'm Lucifer" which makes it all that more awesome.
  • This band is going to have to grow on me, I just don't know about the vocals. The sound is solid though.
  • can't get enough..
  • so nice, meep :3
  • amazing....
  • HEALTH inspired
  • great unique band from England too, greaatt!
  • cool shit
  • best band, goodness
  • sigh. crazy, crazy good.
  • sooooo good...the whole album is great
  • I listen vultures
  • love love love this entire album
  • @TrainForTunnel : makes sense from what I've seen on youtube. I mean - his vocal is soo good. but when I actually see him it kinda loses the depth, mysterious wildness, etc.
  • Wu Lyf for LIFE
  • what are they saying
  • liking this
  • Diggin' this tune.
  • One of my favorite songs.
  • i love this at the moment.
  • one of my favorite bands to hear on last fm i smile whenever they come on =)
  • saw them in cologne. fucking wannabe rockstar attitude. but good music.
  • i did not expect this band to be this good
  • this is very good indeed
  • dirt is a weird song. it's a mixture. it's so innovative and and at the same time so chilly. this comb is so unique. very good job i mean ))
  • woah hey pretty chill..
  • za za zalig nummer zeg
  • lorance_2010@hotmail.fr
  • <3 <3
  • Epic intro to a great song, these guys are pretty neat.
  • the beginning is like in 65daysofstatic's retreat reatreat :3 the song is awesome anyway.
  • hahaha, Organcore.
  • i thought it was dilute too. can't even understand this nigga
  • fuck off hipster cunts. catchy song tho.
  • Dollar is not your friend*...
  • So damn good.


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