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  • Avatar for FoolmeThrice
    poetry is not a luxury
  • Avatar for FoolmeThrice
    < 3 < 3
  • Avatar for spanishwire
    the moz is strong with this one
  • Avatar for heatherjoyj
    okay. and this "I break the law once every week to feel your touch"
  • Avatar for heatherjoyj
    this line gets me every fucking time: "Is this the end Or just the start of something really, really beautiful Wrapped up and disguised As something really really ugly?"
  • Avatar for Chilailuna
    violently singing in the shower
  • Avatar for ceoofaep
    As [user]janisftw[/user] said, for example: [track artist=the smiths]this charming man[/track].
  • Avatar for ceoofaep
    Go listen to some [artist]the Smiths[/artist]! ^^;
  • Avatar for llamagesicht
    it's just cuz i like you
  • Avatar for janisftw
    this charming man
  • Avatar for obsessed_nl
    if that's corny, then corny is a good thing :)
  • Avatar for flavor_country
    "if i die clutching your photograph don't call me boring, it's just cause i like you." i know it's a lil corny but i love this line so much
  • Avatar for flavor_country
    not entirely sure i could love a person more than i love this
  • Avatar for surfbum76
    yeah unreal cute
  • Avatar for TheDragon6
    this is so cute
  • Avatar for greenthumbelina
    she's got another boy, oh boy
  • Avatar for tresfoufou
    Is this the end or just the start of something really, really beautiful wrapped up and disguised as something really, really ugly?
  • Avatar for missnitsirkk
    haha bynumber - I think I love you
  • Avatar for Koganum
    Das klingt wie "The Smith"
  • Avatar for surfbum76
    too bad they split - their songs will survive though
  • Avatar for smashfest
  • Avatar for h3lovenote
  • Avatar for realfuckingnito
    Oh take me on back, take me on back... take me back. To the place where I could feel your heart.
  • Avatar for ChrisChurchi11
    this is a really great! calm and upbeat at the same time
  • Avatar for douglasprice
  • Avatar for woahitsbuttons
    The smiths much?
  • Avatar for enid_coleslaw_
    I like the Audre Lorde reference.
  • Avatar for rolson54
    I don't think its possible for me to like this song anymore
  • Avatar for hellodarling_
  • Avatar for rolson54
    I love love love this song
  • Avatar for astudyinpurple
    the best.
  • Avatar for surfbum76
    miss them
  • Avatar for jkorolev
    Voxtrot is one of my favorite bandsssssss
  • Avatar for bynumber
    ok I'm going batshit fucking insane for this song. the restraint in his voice as he sings "or just the start of something really really beautiful" JESUS FUCKING CHRIST.
  • Avatar for FrankTheBunny91
    sooooo addictive
  • Avatar for skymarlene
  • Avatar for surfbum76
    Just saw they broke up - shame it's always the good one that disapear :( RIP
  • Avatar for surfbum76
    so catchy so sweet - yeah the smiths indead, but they have their own style
  • Avatar for Funky_Nickie
    The Smiths meet Belle & Sebastian:) Great!
  • Avatar for diveke
    I lllllllllove this song
  • Avatar for minukim609
    Such a shame these guys broke up.
  • Avatar for AKI355
    their amazing, it makes me so happy :)
  • Avatar for iDontlikepants
  • Avatar for cheesetrolley
    I agree with those who think this sounds like Morrissey. Nice.
  • Avatar for WinButlerWins
    I think I need to go take a cold shower.
  • Avatar for sui_synonymous
    oh my goodness <3
  • Avatar for Zarathustra3000
    great song!
  • Avatar for mirkman
    if it doesn't make you dance, you're probably dead
  • Avatar for paroxysm1337
    Love <3
  • Avatar for omniaamor
    this song just gave me a toothache its soo sweet


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