• "Coil Is Dead * daeD sI lioC" - Extended Playlist 061210 - 107.3FM

    4 Jan 2011, 12:30 by Lars_ollo

    Along with our usual cornucopia of noises, wee pay our respects to one of the daddies of Industrial music tonight.

    Sleazy a.k.a. Peter Christopherson, writer, producer, video director, visual artist, renowned remixer, founding member of Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV and long-time member of Coil (along with Jhon Balance, who died tragically in an accident in 2004) passed away on 24 November 2010, aged 55.

    Sound extracts come from the first Coil album “Scatology” (1984), the “Time Machines” project (2000) and Sleazy’s first post-Jhon solo venture “The Threshold HouseBoys Choir” (2007).

    # -> Australian artist or release

    Coil presents Time Machines - Circulating
    (“Coil presents Time Machines” - 2000, Eskaton)

    Coil - The Sewage Worker’s Birthday Party
    (“Scatology” - 1984, Force & Form)

    Seefeel - Ripley
    (“Water & Architecture” compilation - 1998, Sub Rosa)