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  • Avatar for Steelvagina
    i want a new album
  • Avatar for abhorion
    both albums are brilliant and unique
  • Avatar for jamalocaust
    I REALLY enjoy Septic Illumination, but what happened on Disappear?? It's definitely going to take some more listens to fully envelop that one.
  • Avatar for Ken_Oh
    Only fault to the new release is a cosmetic one: cover artwork is pretty naff, but that just makes the music all the better. There are also tiny, subtle hints of Leviathan buried in the music also, but this wasn't apparent until a couple of listens.
  • Avatar for germatron
    no need to compare old VON with Von Goat, really...different style, different approach but both awesome in their own the moment, I think I prefer Von Goat, really deep, dark atmosphere...definitely one of the highlights of this year...
  • Avatar for Ken_Oh
    Took a chance and got 'Disappear'. VERY fucking impressive. Different to old VON, but preferable to new VON by a country mile.
  • Avatar for germatron
    wow, disappear blew me away, amazing!
  • Avatar for CrushBlow
    VON goes more fucking occult, it reminds me of Mystifier to some extent, though they're not much alike. Fucking awesome
  • Avatar for godgrinder
    if you are just listening to it for wrest then it probably wont be your cup of tea anyway.
  • Avatar for RGJJansen
    The only reason for me to try it again is because Wrest is the drummer. The only song I like at this moment is Spiders.
  • Avatar for Ken_Oh
    Any comprehensive reviews of this yet? Anywhere?
  • Avatar for godgrinder
    maybe not the best album of the year but damn close.
  • Avatar for Beheritian_Von
    This is the best black metal of the decade! Fuck all the posers who dislikes this sick diamond...Fuck all faggots who can't distinguish the talent of Von Goat with the poser merchandise of Vienen and his shitty & trendy Von music group! Fuck you all, please!
  • Avatar for O00O0O0
  • Avatar for logbut
    this record is totally sick. sure it sounds nothing like von. but its definitely killer.
  • Avatar for BrownAndMoist
    No, i know he's a good drummer, but ONLY wanting this album because of him and not because of this being the new work of Goat from the mighty VON is gay.
  • Avatar for veash
    you obviously don't have a clue what a great drummer Wrest is. please go die in a fire.
  • Avatar for BrownAndMoist
    "neeeeeed that album simply because of Wrest!" <---- gay. anyway, i'm really digging the LP. the jacket and overall presentation is great too, but that should be expected for all NWN releases.
  • Avatar for Chemo_Therapy
    I'm at the second listen and not sure what my ultimate verdict will be, but I'm 100% sure that this is way better then the new VON EP.
  • Avatar for CallumJBS
    It needs more than one listen to formulate a proper opinion, seems like most people have made their mind up whether they like it or not before they've even heard it.
  • Avatar for kryptopheleous
    It sucks
  • Avatar for godgrinder
    @veash: no you dont need it.
  • Avatar for veash
    neeeeeed that album simply because of Wrest!
  • Avatar for logbut
    just ordered the LP!
  • Avatar for CallumJBS
    Looking forward to hearing this.
  • Avatar for devilpigs
    Von Goat “Septic Illumination” LP and CD Out Now arrrrgggghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally!!!!!!!!!!!!

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