• Curt Cress Clan

    28 Apr 2006, 05:19 by RocketShipX41

    Curt Cress Clan (1975)

    Here's another great entry into the "obscure European fusion" arena. Drummer Curt Cress assembled an all-star band, with the great Dave King on bass, Kristian Schultze on keys, Volker Kriegel on guitar, and Ack Van Rooyen on flugelhorn. King is responsible for the lion's share of the writing (alone or in combo with Cress) and his funky bass lines are the real star of the show. Schultze contribues Clavinet, Rhodes, and string synth mostly, but also gets in some synth solos. Kriegel is often in a supporting role, but lets rip on some excellent solos. Van Rooyen provides some good color even if he doesn't stand out greatly on any of the tracks. I've had this LP for ages (probably since it was new), and hadn't heard it for ages. It's as good as I remembered. 11/15.
  • Volker Kriegel

    15 Apr 2006, 00:11 by RocketShipX41

    Volker Kriegel - Inside: Missing Link (1972)

    I think it's also considered Missing Link by a band called "Inside" led by Volker Kriegel.

    In any case, this is one kickin' set of euro-jazz with a nice funky dose of rock added in. Kriegel is a guitarist, but he's no hog of the spotlight - there's plenty of room for keyboards (lots of electric piano), sax, and trombone. Both acoustic and electric bass show up in various settings, and Kriegel pulls out an acoustic guitar too. The tracks (it was originally a double LP) have a nice balance between composed tunes with chord progressions, driving groove vamps, and free-floating improv. This is really good stuff, and at times it reminded me a bit of Nucleus. 12/15.