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  • Avatar for keeng2
    I really "like" those sociopaths, who beg for attention by spamming on the pages of other artists. Am I right "mattspurplepen" ? Listen to great music of Vladimir Hirsch, highly recommended, above all his "Underlying Scapes", "Epidemic Mind" or "Contemplatio Per Nexus". But, also many other albums are awesome.
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    Vladimír Hirsch is at #14 position (of 320 artists total) who are similar to my 2nd album: [url=]Maestro (piano edition)[/url] (1). The research is available in the [url=]EYRS[/url] group. I appreciate feedback: [url=!]PLAY[/url]... (1) based on "similar tracks"
  • Avatar for ygmalion
    astonishingly authentic dialogue and reconcilliation of darkness and light. Absolute !!
  • Avatar for aphoticapathy
    Pure Bliss.
  • Avatar for outfield7790
    Severe gyration of mechanical delay effects, rattling percussion... Great exploration of industrial shapes within the underlying landscapes
  • Avatar for ynotten
    Exorcisms is a great album - deep submergion, modern classical elements deal with ambient structures in absolute cohesion, perfect gradations. I love Essentia Quinta !!!!!
  • Avatar for KabinettMutante
    I wish you all success at this amazing event where you perform!
  • Avatar for KabinettMutante
    Now listening Synthetic - Themes...Very emblematic, 1986. I feel this will be one of my faves. I'm captivated by your creations, thank you for shaking my mind!!!
  • Avatar for KabinettMutante
    I'm amazed by all what you've done. Your career is outstanding!!! I'll start scrobbling more often to get to know you in detail. The combination of prolific talent + extraordinary presence is breathtaking. Thank you for sharing your art!
  • Avatar for KabinettMutante
    All what you do deserves more promotion and dissemination!!! If we only consider all what you've composed and created...Industrious, talented, brilliant never ending man!!!
  • Avatar for TK-28
  • Avatar for arc09
    Vladimír Hirsch: EPIDEMIC MIND - Album in specific composer´s cosmogonic atmosphere with inner atonal melodic chaos, but against the background of fateful rhythms, creating with with machine-like declamation general impression of apocalyptically monitory, expressive message. Wide open space, but replete of dense and compressed atmosphere, microtonality and intense insight into amorphic harmonic structures. The parallel vertically and horizontally organized chaotic atonal melodic elements contrast with the slow, heavy rhythmical patterns and monotonic and emotionally plain expression of the spoken word of Japanese cyber-punk writer Kenji Siratori’s lyrics. The Japanese text is highly experimental, uncompromising, and intense, written in a style that not only breaks with tradition, but severs all cords with it, embracing the mayhem of the digital age.
  • Avatar for spacenet33
    Claude42683: Dans le ciel des ombres et des cris de la lumière, cette musique fantastique nous invite à explorer de nouvelles voies. Le rapport émotionnel de la musique projette à la fois un espace de merveilleux et un lieu de question sur le territoire de l'esprit : Dieu est un rapport d'émotion comme la musique.......Fascinante remontée à travers la nuit lumineuse des mondes... Le spectateur est littéralement enlevé, transporté vers les régions supérieures de l'être. This French guy's descriptions of V.Hirsch work are incredibly accurate and deeply true, I found I feel the same :-o
  • Avatar for DMITRII_GHETTO
    после попытки переслушать, окончательно понял, что я его не осилю.
  • Avatar for r_u_r
    Very prolific, multilayered and versatile composer. Lyrical-epic and challenging music. Difficult to buy some of his stuff except main works. Also his other projects Skrol, Aghiatrias etc. are very interesting.
  • Avatar for Torelli
    Vladimír Hirsch - Selected Organ & Piano Works:
  • Avatar for ygmalion
    What a unique find ! Instant love !!
  • Avatar for serpentebronzo
    Original personality in contemporary music, profound and drammatic
  • Avatar for wars_of_mind - Part VII from “Horae” – Organ Concerto No.2, op.90 (2011). Video montage by Marianna Auster. Performed by Vladimír Hirsch (organ, electronic keyboards, field recordings, digital and electroacoustic techniques). Live version of the track from still not yet published composition.
  • Avatar for PedroCorvino
  • Avatar for serpentebronzo
    GiaNXGX - musical expert rofl . a specialist in phenomenology of nescient analytics :-)
  • Avatar for GiaNXGX
    sound alchemist rofl
  • Avatar for danwramrich
    I love his music but it's quite scarying if you're home alone in the dark.
  • Avatar for Nadya_Feir
    Vladimir, you are the only person that reconciliates me somehow with reality ! Where are you transporting me, friend ? Here is our song: Thank you and happy birthday
  • Avatar for killl7
    Synthetics - Themes album is one of the first records, where Vladimir Hirsch neglects compositional scheme of classical music and moves on to conceptual structures typical for ambient and experimental synth music of late 80ties. This release on CS Industrial label contains also never before released bonus track "Selenium", an experimantal aleatoric song from 1989 for synthesizers, drums and percussions (V. Hirsch - synthesizers, percussions, J. Škoda - drums). The first slightly industrial piece, mainly due to the use of untypical percussions.
  • Avatar for solomanschaber
    All the album cover art work is the best ever.
  • Avatar for killl7
    Soon on label CS Industrial 1982-2010 Vladimír Hirsch ‎– Synthetics - Themes Thematic album. 1986-7. Experimental project for synthesizers and tapes, predominantly of space-ambient character.
  • Avatar for DMITRII_GHETTO
    вещь крайне жесткая, непростая, далеко не для всех.
  • Avatar for Caballe_Voltage
    @Jan Blanicky, thank you! It will be on within the next hours...
  • Avatar for Kosmori
    Это настолько страшно, что я аж обосрался.
  • Avatar for RockYourSocksxX
    My very own 'ambient' project...⊙l I don't want to force anyone to take a listen... But it would really mean a lot to me if u could just take some time, listen and give feedback.
  • Avatar for IronValkyria
    sounds great!
  • Avatar for JanBlanicky
    The album "Missa Armata . Invocationes" OUT NOW. See:
  • Avatar for organaxx
    Contemplatio per nexus - amazing journey inside other worlds !
  • Avatar for Maran2001
    Dzivia ( - belarussian atmospheric orchestral music.
  • Avatar for gaaz
    Marketa - I love that girl :-). Great soundtrack
  • Avatar for tarquez
    Exorcisms have amazing atmosphere, bringing me into the immersed, but wide open space of imagination
  • Avatar for TeatroAssente
  • Avatar for lark54
    Vladimír Hirsch group:
  • Avatar for mouritsdebeer
    How very delightful.
  • Avatar for pavtab
    Graue Passion !!! Incredibly powerful "....itassaults the listener with a dense barrage of ostinatos, drones, industrial noise, and unpredictable eruptions, and are immensely evocative and truly scary. The music has a power that's hard to explain but that's undeniably compelling. Fans of new work that stretches boundaries and that has a visceral punch are likely to be intrigued or even deeply moved by Hirsch's ominous, tempestuous sound worlds". From the review of Stephen Eddins and i totally agree !!!!
  • Avatar for Neewi
    Marketa is deeply awesome, achingly and figuratively epic, the pity, that particular tracks are so short because of the album extent limitation. I would like to hear all original soundtrack.
  • Avatar for santagar11
    to skip to another track..or turning off
  • Avatar for A_Shestakov
    Хома Брут...йий богу....
  • Avatar for Uhhohho
    what's it for then, santagar11?
  • Avatar for levjan
    Vladislav Vančura´s Markéta: all the story in immaginative musical language. Really impressive.
  • Avatar for santagar11
    most of his music is not for listening
  • Avatar for syllannibal
    "Dreams Of Awakening" is great
  • Avatar for vidushaka
    Endoanathymia is the perfect morph between classical and ambient music. It took a while to understand the atmosphere, but quickly the duality of integrated music takes you on a schizophrenic journey.
  • Avatar for Leni_P
    Tempestuous sound worlds, great


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