• My 10 favourite guitarists

    24 Apr 2008, 15:38 by _agatka_

    To begin with, please note, that I have no technical knowledge or any musical talent whatsoever, so this journal is only based on my subjective feelings and opinions. The last 2-3 places might change tomorrow but I’m pretty sure of the order on the top of the list ;)

    10. Ted Nugent
    During first stage of his solo career he was mainly associated with memorable riffs (like in “Cat Scratch Fever”), but my personal favourite Ted Nugent era was the Damn Yankees period. I really enjoy all these melodic solos and harmonious tunes he performed with Tommy Shaw and Jack Blades. The only drawback is his highly irritating stage presence but it is easy to forget about it when you actually listen to the music. To sum up: guitar playing with character.
    Favourite songs: “Stranglehold”, “Come Again”

    9. Vito Bratta
    The mysterious White Lion guitarist. I actually have no idea what he is doing these days. …
  • A review of the 6/19/07 Poison concert in Cincinnati

    20 Jun 2007, 07:18 by bubba-rocks

    Tue 19 Jun – Poison, White Lion, Ratt

    Vains of Jenna started of the show. Swedish hard rock band, pretty good too. They were the replacements for White Lion, who was dropped by the promoter due to threatened legal action from former guitarist Vito Bratta

    Ratt came up next. I was surprised how much of their material I was unfamiliar with. They played a lot more than what you would find on the greatest hits, but they definitely did the hits ("Back for More," "Wanted Man," and closed their set of course with "Round and Round").

    Then Poison. The main event. The whole reason for having the show. And wow. Every bit as good as they were last year. Kicked off the show with "Look What the Cat Dragged In," just as they did last year. They rolled through several hits, and played a few songs from their new CD (which I'm not crazy about). A couple songs were missing from the set, most noticeably "I Want Action," but it was still a great show. …
  • A-Z enero 2006 :)

    20 Jan 2006, 14:45 by aquivaldo

    Ya que lo que como que la gente acá en está llevando es el journal de la A a la Z, y a mi me gusta tanto estar a la moda, me voy a echar uno:

    A: Avenged Sevenfold
    Para qué, son buenos, poseen originalidad cosa que le reprocho a muchas bandas que cuentan con todo excepto con eso. Y estos además de originalidad reúnen en gran medida todo lo otro.

    B: Bon Jovi
    Sí, sí, me sigue gustando la popular banda de new jerseyina, ¿y qué? Más ahora que "redescubrí" sus dos primeros álbumes, mejores que cualquier otra música realizada posteriormente.

    C: Coda
    Según mi chart aquí iría Caifanes, pero la C se la llevan unos compatriotas suyos, los hardrockeros CODA, reminiscencia viviente del "hair metal" cuando éste anduvo por su mejor momento.

    D: Django Reinhardt
    El guitarrista más asombroso que he escuchado en mucho tiempo. Estoy a punto a emprender una larga travesía por la música de este jazzista gitano. Deséenme suerte.

    E: Edguy
    No me matan, pero sí lo hace la voz de Tobias Sammet.