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Vision Éternel Mypsace

Vision Éternel is an ambient/ethereal band by Virkelix. It's creations are compiled in masterpieces considered concept albums. The debut ep "Seul Dans L'obsession" came out on Mortification Records in February of 2007, under the Triskalyon banner. A music video was shot for the single ""Love Within Narcosis"", and released solely with the online promotion.

In March of 2008 the second ep, "Un Automne En Solitude" was released once again on Mortification Records It is a follow-up to the first release, also as a concept album, but with a different story.

In February 2009 both of the previously mentioned EPs were be released together as "An Anthology of Past Misfortunes" on Frozen Veins Records. The compilation was pressed in limited quantify and featured unreleased material, a specially designed booklet which explains the concepts of the releases and a poster.

In the summer of 2009, Winterreich Productions will reissue "Seul Dans L'obsession" and "Un Automne En Solitude" on cassette tape with brand new artwork.

The band is currently working on a series of splits with Ethereal Beauty and Tasharg, both which are due out on Abridged Pause Recordings.

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