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  1. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  2. Butcher ABC was formed by Analtoshit (ex MAGGOTY CORPSE guitar/ex CSSO) and GROTES-Q (ex drummer of CSSO in '95 -'99) in '94. The band's…

  3. grindcore, crust and mince-core band from Nagahashi, Chubu (Japan). They started in 1997 as a duet with Azegami and Hagamoto, both musicians in…

  4. Kots is a dutch digital goregrind band formed in 2004, featuring Erwin from S.M.E.S. and Jores from Rompeprop.

  5. A goregrind band from Mexico. Their name comes from the Carcass song "Oxidised Razor Masticator."

  6. The band was formed in August 2010 in MIE, Japan.

    Toshiki Nomura - Vocals
    Yusuke Yamakawa - Guitar
    Shiko Goto - Bass
    Yoshihide Koyanagi -…

  7. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  8. There is more than one band named Hydrophobia

    A brutal deathgrind band from Japan.

    A grindcore band from Jersey UK formed in 2010

  9. Abort Mastication is a Brutal death band from Tokyo, Japan.

    Official Myspace

  10. The band was founded in 1999 by Infection Cutane And Sensation Genital (vocals/guitars/bass) and Ginecologic Cryptococcidioidomicosis…

  11. Hipermenorrea is a goregrind band from Mexico.

    Band Info

  12. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  13. Glossectomy is a Brutal Death Metal band from Tokyo, Japan.
    They formed in 2001 and have released 3 demos and are planning on bringing out a…

  14. Sick goregrind band from Japan. A side-project from the guys from Bathtub Shitter.

  15. Bowel Stew is an Italian GOREGRIND band which formed in 1996. They were formerly known as Monolith and are on Rottenpyosis Records. A particularly…

  16. Rest In Gore is a slam death metal band from Tokyo, Japan.


    Masaki Hidaka - Guitar/Vocals
    Jason - Bass
    Norihiro Takahashi - Drums

  17. Artery Eruption is a slam death metal band based in Clovis, California.

    Facebook page

  18. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  19. Brutal groovy'n'slammin porn addict goregrind from Mexico.


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