• Danish metal bands

    9 Mar 2008, 11:43 by Eutai

    Danish metal bands ranked by number of plays on

    Please note: I don't pretend to have included any and all Danish metal bands, only the ones I know about and/or listen to. So don't be offended if your favourite band isn't on the list.

    If you think I missed a band that needs to be on the list, leave a comment and I will try to update the list.

    1. King Diamond (heavy metal) - 1,730,368

    2. Mnemic (industrial metal) - 1,061,193

    3. Volbeat (heavy metal) - 957,083

    4. Mercyful Fate (heavy metal) - 769,763

    5. Mercenary (heavy metal) - 628,479

    6. Hatesphere (death/thrash metal) - 579,844

    7. Saturnus (Death/Doom Metal) - 497,845

    8. Raunchy (metalcore) - 495,886

    9. Illdisposed (death metal) - 456,712

    10. As We Fight (metalcore) - 302,636

    11. Royal Hunt (heavy metal) - 227,664

    12. Panzerchrist (death metal) - 207,577

    13. Nortt (Black/Funeral Doom Metal) - 207,286

    14. Beyond Twilight (Progressiv metal) - 201,935

  • The A to Z of my music.

    9 Jul 2006, 15:28 by MaidenAlbie

    OK, it's about time I did an A to Z of music. Reason being, I see so many attempt this and struggle with X I thought I'd wade in with one for you to ponder over (although I do cheat a tad with Z).

    Point of note, this is merely a list of artists I like - and commentary on any one band is not necessarily down to me favouring them over the others listed in "Other notable mentions".

    So, here we 'ave it

    A: Anathema: They have made the transition from doomdeath to a more Pink Floyd/Radiohead type of sound. For me, they have bettered their sound and are now producing quality albums (this is not a slight on their earlier stuff, mind).
    Other notable mentions: AC/DC; Anthrax; ...and Oceans.

    B: Black Sabbath: Who else could grace the mantle of bands beginning with B but Sabbath themselves? The Gods of all that is doom.
    Other notable mentions: Biomechanical; Blaze; Burner.

    C: Celtic Frost: Fantastic band, the best the Swiss have ever produced, or are they....? (check out Coroner).