• MANTIS 030 with ENOUGH RECORDS / podcast+archive up

    24 Feb 2009, 10:51 by _DVNT


    Apologies for delay in getting the archive out. Moved house pretty much straight after this show, so things have backed up a bit. :)

    Enough Records is a genre-less netlabel from Portugal, funded in 2001 out of a pirate netradio experiment. Enoughradio died out but the netlabel carried on releasing material ranging from the laidback postrock indie pop electronica idm to the harsh electro rock indutrial noise with plenty of ambient in between.

    The label is curated by the hands of Filipe 'ps' Cruz, equally responsible for this showcase of what can be heard within Enough Records.

    All sorts, Jamie Lidell, DraCo, techno from 1988 rejigged by Speedy J, forthcoming Smashback, classic Wink, and rowdy Shitmat being remixed by Hellfish.

    As usual the archive MP3 is fully track ID’d.

    MANTIS 030
  • enoughrecords newsletter 27 october 2007

    27 Oct 2007, 15:37 by psenough

    New releases:

    enrmp129 - [meta:Human] - we are the dead
    new release from our german friends at the [Esc.] Laboratory, this time a follow up album to the dark ages of technology released recently at fellow portuguese netlabel testtube. industrial / ebm.

    enrmp130 - ELECTiC - operators concepts
    new release from the Italian previous netlabel releaser Alessandro Brizio, a 4 track ep of electro ambient.

    enrmp131 - Violet And The Mutants - Violet EP
    Coming straight from the Portuguese vaults of Fábrica de Som is a new electro-industrial rock project called Violet And The Mutants, we showcased them last March at our STFU festival in Porto, now we bring you their debut ep.

    Upcoming events supported by enough:

    31 October + 1 November :: Attrition + Electrólise + Heligoland

    10 November :: Hystakmine

    8 December :: HollowFest07 (Haujobb, Spesnatz, FabrikC, PsychotekTrauma, Microben Krieg)