• BEST OF 2010 compilation

    20 Dec 2010, 03:34 by yJURAy

  • My top picks for 2007

    18 Jan 2008, 17:16 by xTEMPOx

    After all the attention i got with my last year's edition (yeah right!) here am i again, with a delay of a few weeks, due to what i admit to be my biggest flaw, lazyness.

    So, yeah, for me 2007 was another big year with a lot of new bands coming out, some older bands bringing some fresh shit, and yeah, i started to regularly buy records (hail vynil!), even thou i dont have bought the thingy to play them. But hey, mp3 still rules, and im not rich either.

    My main sources for news are my favourite record labels/distros, i'm not a myspace guy (even thou i'm there, but who isnt there in these days...). So, first and foremost, i'd like to point No Way Records, Grave Mistake and Tankcrimes as my main source for good records and to know about what good shit is coming up. So go ahead and buy stuff from them.

    Yeah, you know i'm not into that metalcore crap, that tough guy bullshit and those bands who talk about the same shit song after song (record after record), i dont think i need to point them out. …