• The first step is admitting you have a problem, right?

    22 Feb 2008, 07:36 by Jitterro

    I binge on songs. Like crazy. Most of the time, this leads to my sampling some of the artist's other songs and gradually developing a fondness for his/her/their work.
    Sometimes, however, I'm not that fond of the artist's work in general, and in a few cases, I might even believe the artist's overall work to be total crap. What can say, though? Some songs are so catchy that I just can't get rid of them. This has led to my charts being quite unbalanced.

    Artists that have made it onto my Top Artists chart solely because I binge(d) on one, two, or three of their songs:

    Songs to wear pants to - Okay, this isn't entirely accurate. Andrew actually has a massive amount of songs that he wrote at the requests of numerous people who sometimes make rather odd demands (such as a cover of Experimental Film in a bizarre style the requester called "Celtic/punk." The end result was somewhat obnoxious). Since the vast majority of his songs are a minute or less in length, he shot up my charts quite rapidly. …