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  • Eliallday

    cool song

    June 2013
  • briantheunholy

    I saw Athesist , Vio-Lence , and Testament .,.,., back in the day,.., my first go at crowd surfing was wile Vio-Lence was on stage . I thought they were gonna throw me out so i just took off running back in the crowd and thrashed the rest of the night on the floor with Chuck Billy,,..,.,. what a awesome show,.,.,.,.,

    April 2013
  • ThrasherD

    Still one of the best true thrash bands ever!!

    February 2013
  • crazzyd77

    OHH YEAH !!!!!!!! NICE !!!!!!

    May 2012
  • warcry138

    love this fucken band very underated. \m/

    February 2012
  • DavCnuk

    awesome song, my favourite from this album

    July 2011
  • kriskronos

    and yes VIO-fuckin lence are the shit kiddies ENJOY whilst you breathe

    August 2009
  • kriskronos

    DICK HEAD trendy fred head rob NO what was you NU metal homo freak out thinkin of surprised the guys from slayer put up with ya ..oh well they released a few dodgy albums as well love to upstart ...when something not broke why FIX grasshopper ..IMAGE? yeah gotta go with fuckin IMAGE overrules everything in this fookin poseur pitiful industry ,,,,,bollocks

    August 2009
  • kriskronos

    WHEN i said leave machine Brain dead i meant leave alone as do'nt fuckin bother ha ha ha 777

    July 2009
  • kriskronos

    AGREED man ETERNAL NIGHTMARE yeah keep thrashin dudes ..leave Machine head alone ha ha ha777...

    July 2009
  • Sonster

    good song, but like World In A World better... Eternal Nightmare is one of the heaviest albums of all time.

    July 2009
  • zeke31

    one of the top 10 metal songs of ALL TIME!

    June 2009
  • Mikorn

    probably worst of oppressing the masses

    June 2009
  • inkillingwords

    this album is fucking wicked.

    March 2009
  • JavierBril

    Chévere y Sabrosón.

    January 2009
  • Krizzy_NT

    origins of machine head bro! heavy stuff!

    November 2008
  • Pabbicus

    Fucking great song. One of my favorites, infact. 203 plays, beat that bitches!

    October 2008
  • vornwrath

    Sean Killians voice is fucking badass. This song is awesome ENTER I! DISTURBING PEACE OF MIND!

    September 2008