• If You Only Buy one Country Album a Year, Get Vince Gill's "These Days"!

    10 Feb 2007, 16:25 by pjebsen

    I always enjoyed Vince Gill's work with colleagues like Rodney Crowell and his playing on the Country Music Awards (especially Next Big Thing). But I haven't followed his solo career too closely yet. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly's "Records of the Year" list, I became aware of These Days. It blew me away - it's a true masterpiece!

    With a lesser artist, such a project would have been an over-indulgence: Vince Gill recorded a 43-song, four-disc set. The four CDs are thematically arranged and show you many facets of traditional and current music:
    Disc 1: Workin' On A Big Chill - The Rockin' Record
    Disc 2: The Reason Why – The Groovy Record
    Disc 3: Some Things Never Get Old – The Country & Western Record
    Disc 4: Little Brother – The Acoustic Record

    I agree with Entertainment Weekly's initial review: >> His high, not-so-lonesome tenor doesn't grow tiresome even if you take in his trad-country, R&B/rock, pop, and bluegrass sets all in one sitting. …