• Best show of the last 2 years.

    4 Feb 2010, 06:29 by Kerensky97

    Fri 29 Jan – Polysics at the Roxy

    Since I drove roughly 1400 miles to see POLYSICS I should finally write a new review (I have about 6 shows I've seen without reviewing).

    First off it was fun finally taking my new car on a road trip. My sister came along but spent most of the trip napping in the passenger seat. The drive was long but fun; driving around LA is a royal pain in the ass seems like people like to sit in the passing or commuter lane and go slower than the already slow moving traffic.

    Anyway the show.

    It's funny that for how different things seem they're really all the same. At the Roxy, the charge $5 for plastic cup half full of bud and call it a deal; I guess all places are rip offs. I thought it was a bit odd that there is a curtain sutting off the stage until a band is ready. I guess its good since it keeps ignorant fans from cheering when a roadie is tuning up a guitar.

    There was also reserved seating which I think was more for the late night club crowd that aren't there for the show…