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  1. Releases:

    Demo 1: Mist of Eidolon mc (Winterreich) 2006

    Split with Mons Veneris: Grim Moonlight Upon Transylvania mc (Winterreich) 2007
    Promo 2007…

  2. Black metal band from Portugal.

  3. Mons Veneris manifested itself for the first time in the Winter of '03 under the cold Moonlight but the concept of its creation is older. All Art…

  4. Cripta Oculta, Black Metal from Portugal, strikes the world with obscure melodies from deepest tortured souls, and agonized vocals.

  5. 1. Black metal from Portugal

    2. Rock band from Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, France

  6. Nortada Gelada was black metal band from Portugal,Lyrical themes:Cold, Lusitanic-Iberic Pride, War
    The band participated on an unnamed seven-way…

  7. Forest Grave is an English black metal project that was formed in 2008 by Nox (Sinisterite, Dark Autumn (Gbr), Obey, Foudre Noire, Uhraus). …

  8. Black metal from Vietnam

    Vothana is Vietnamese for atheist. Vothana's lyrics are in Vietnamese.

    The band does not have an official MySpace page.…

  9. Krüel Kömmando belongs to Le Cercle Mört.

    "Infanticide" Demo mc (2009, self-released)
    "Kamp Satan" Split with Total Genocide mc (2009,…

  10. 1) Total Genocide is a Raw Black Metal band from France.

    2) Total Genocide is a Black/Death Metal band from Slovakia.


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