• Download Festival 2014

    17 Jun 2014, 15:01 by Jazzmanstereo

    Fri 13 Jun – Download Festival 2014

    This was me and my brothers' 10th year at Download, and it was an awesome way to celebrate a decade of Download!

    The first 2 days were great fun. There was a cool atmosphere in the campsite all weekend.

    Watched Kunt and the Gang on Thursday! As funny as ever.

    This year I seemed to spend a lot more time at the Main Stage, which is unusual for me, but there were some great bands on all weekend.

    So friday started with Miss May I opening the main stage. They sounded great live and I enjoyed their set.

    Next were Crossfaith who were quite simply one of the best of the weekend! It takes a lot to get me bouncing up and down, but Crossfaith did it! Such a great show, and it was evident that they were loving it on stage.

    A highlight for my weekend was always going to be seeing Powerman 5000 live. I never got a chance in the past, and so I was majorly excited to finally see them. They lived up to expectations and played a great set, the new songs sounded great live as well.