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  • Avatar for ParadesGoBy23
    Seems they've split? :(
  • Avatar for LiquidSheep
    Yeah, they do.
  • Avatar for ParadesGoBy23
    They really need a new album.
  • Avatar for ElBandido
    yes please, pretty please! my ears need new candy :)
  • Avatar for hurdygurdywoman
  • Avatar for sakayaisme
  • Avatar for leneheart
  • Avatar for wangyu199x
    please come to china~~~
  • Avatar for micaron_
    I saw live for the first time this before. So good band !!
  • Avatar for wangyu199x
    whats the relationship between them and Bleached?
  • Avatar for Madcapism
    So good live, melbourne show was brilliant
  • Avatar for wangyu199x
    nobody there is good!!
  • Avatar for Valaro
    Thanks to these guys i am no longer in severe sadness because the pains of being pure at heart haven't released anything new in ages.
  • Avatar for ParadesGoBy23
    I can't wait to see them in Melbourne on Halloween!
  • Avatar for wangyu199x
  • Avatar for Dekkul
    <3 marion
  • Avatar for manuelboucherie
    Sweet Bubblegum Pop!
  • Avatar for Clementinus
    Ich hab noch ne Karte übrig für den 6. Mai in Berlin. Hat jemand Interesse?
  • Avatar for andrey_ka
    а что, клевые
  • Avatar for liangxin579
    Damn good!!
  • Avatar for Dahminator
    One of the most enjoyable albums of the year thus far. I will be spinning this all summer.
  • Avatar for Shannonline
    new album is amazing ♥
  • Avatar for eighteenforever
    Check out this post on VF's style
  • Avatar for HimitsuUK
  • Avatar for barrewar01
    New record is great! I love it even better than the first one.
  • Avatar for ilyaoblomov__
    Is it possible to download the Covers EP 2? Would anybody send me the Covers EP 2? As it's only a limited edition item, it's only fair to share the love!!!
  • Avatar for FlipmodeBG
    this is so sexy !
  • Avatar for applecloud
  • Avatar for caro_g
    loving the new album! :)
  • Avatar for youthcomingup
    New record is so very good!
  • Avatar for Madcapism
    I like it, reminds me of The Shop Assistants. Very c86, but in the best possible way.
  • Avatar for crownanchor
  • Avatar for pellitero
    Full album stream
  • Avatar for bgk90
    Oh schnap they added cymbal hits into the mix on the new lp
  • Avatar for pvmnt
    At first listen they sounded so unoriginal.. reminded me of a bunch of Sarah Records and C86-era bands that I used to drool over. Not that I don't like the band or anything but might have to give them some time to grow on me I suppose...
  • Avatar for JTLDN
    i liked the debut more. it was a bit darker
  • Avatar for Mizuhara
    Is it just with me or the beginning of "So Tired" fully sounds as the Headlights song "TV"?
  • Avatar for sakayaisme
    Now they have 2 beautiful masterpieces
  • Avatar for gui_x
    really good
  • Avatar for Akatosh86
    leaked , but it is SO GOOD! found love at a first listen !
  • Avatar for quik_fixx
    My Heart Beats! and this album is fucking good, they just keep getting better and better with each release. Shit!
  • Avatar for Offino
    new album is wicked good!
  • Avatar for countinfive
    new album is pleasant, really good.
  • Avatar for octalMage
    sure did =)
  • Avatar for Hamtrax
    new album leaked
  • Avatar for Lahuchemusic
    Veronica Falls - "Teenage" new video
  • Avatar for bullandgate
    Roxanne Clifford i love you ♥
  • Avatar for Jbo12
    This new track made my week
  • Avatar for Merowinger110
    "Teenage" is very nice.
  • Avatar for ColFang
    Hi everyone, I'm looking for Six Covers EP and Black Page song, any quality. If you got any of these, please contact me ! Thank you. Have a nice musical day !


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