• Jamie Lidell; Blackalicious; Nu Jazz Volume 2 compilation

    28 Sep 2005, 23:23 by Fidgital

    Howdy! This week's additions to the library areJamie Lidell's Multiply, Blackalicious' The Craft, and a "new" compilation from Wagram, Nu Jazz Volume 2.

    Jamie Lidell's Multiply is great. It lives up to the hype. It's like listening to 40 years of soul music condensed into 40 minutes (yes, it's that short), but sliced, diced, and filtered through 2005 Berlin underground break pop sensibilities. Every track is strong, but I especially gravitate to "When I come back around", "Music will not last" (which had previously been released a remix of Herbert's "The Audience"), and "New me". Recommended. Four and a half stars.

    The 2005 album from Blackalicious is The Craft, released yesterday. It continues their evolution of almost-commercial-but-still-underground optimistic San Fran hip hop. Gift Of Gab's rhymes are dense and intelligent without ever being condescending. Chief Xcel's music and production are funky and eclectic, without sampling other people's records. …