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  • Avatar for josef1886
    this group gets more annoying with time
  • Avatar for luciferdemonio
    this song seems to be a erotic and terrifying one
  • Avatar for JukeboxHell
    "you are just like my garden trowel i don't know what to rhyme with trowel" those guys are so amazing. Thank you for introducing me to this one! [2]
  • Avatar for Katie_LovesFM
    aaah; larvee. ♥
  • Avatar for TrippedB
    I want to see them perform :()
  • Avatar for MainlyLost
    Thank you for introducing me to this one! I love it!
  • Avatar for phdecora
    'i dont know what to rhyme with trowel' hahaha
  • Avatar for chemzed
    i love the instrumentation
  • Avatar for BathroomPoetry
    I am growing fond of this band
  • Avatar for cosbert
  • Avatar for laffinbones
    I can feed you well.
  • Avatar for SourDaisy
    Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
  • Avatar for NachtelfSchurke
    Scary and madly gorgeous [2]
  • Avatar for ereghel
    This song is made of awesome.
  • Avatar for LicoriceLain
    I fucking love this... ;3
  • Avatar for Chibi-Ragnarok
    D: This is defintely my favorite.
  • Avatar for Great_listener
    Something fishy going on here...
  • Avatar for Jay-Saoirse
    Love this song.
  • Avatar for club-debil
    Love it! Absoulutely great!
  • Avatar for Jolly-Reaper
    "I want to wring you like a sponge." <3
  • Avatar for rippolino
    Something from the Clash song "Should I Stay or Should I Go" :) Punk cabaret!
  • Avatar for gypsylyndsay
    Wonderful words and excellent delivery -truely freaky and i love it
  • Avatar for fluorescentlime
    Lyrics for those who were asking :D I’ll cook you up some lobster bisque I wanna smoke you like a fish You smell like kelp I think it’s hot I’m gonna stick you in my pot It’s true you are my fish fillet I’ll fry you up with some frisee You are just like my garden trowel I don’t know what to rhyme with trowel I’ll stick you deep down in the dirt and you can laugh when it hurts (Maniacal laughter-every musician) and then you’ll flower from your stem they want to pluck you, I know them. I’m going to ring you like a sponge I’ll clean my floor with your tongue You dry the dishes oh so nice You dirty rag, let’s do it twice (Three times! Four!) And now let’s shine the silverware You’re tired, hungry? I don’t care. And when I’m done with your service I’m gonna sell you to the circus I’ll come and visit in a week You’ll make a nice circus freak That’s what my mother said to me She never came to visit That’s why I wrote this song.
  • Avatar for Nabsicle
    waah, love <3
  • Avatar for KuroJoestar
    It kinda reminds me Lords of Acid's Pussy.
  • Avatar for happymeson
  • Avatar for medusagold
    No, it's not a real accent.
  • Avatar for thechickfromOz
    I have fallen in love with this band!
  • Avatar for sadielouise
    love love love.. fabulous
  • Avatar for frerbi
    love it :)
  • Avatar for SkieGrey
    Awesome! Is that a real accent though?
  • Avatar for oOCherylOo
    Hilarious innuendo!
  • Avatar for crazyweezee
    LOL Great XD
  • Avatar for NixGalith
    please the lyrics!! I love this song but I dont understand it completly =S
  • Avatar for Star_Symmetric
    foul rhymes with trowel.
  • Avatar for sinmantyx
    I don't know what to rhyme with trowel - hilarious.
  • Avatar for FeastfortheVain
    This is great. xD
  • Avatar for wingsinthewater
    This song gives me a happy.
  • Avatar for boopermagic
    so fun live!
  • Avatar for Quendus
    As good as this is, that would be a really bad idea... :/
  • Avatar for seraphimchris
    All music should sound like this. :)
  • Avatar for FlamingoRoad82
    love it.
  • Avatar for brechindo
    This woman is insane. I love her!
  • Avatar for ClockworkApple
    does anybody have the lyrics? pleeeeze T-T

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