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British three piece band(1995-1997). Released a self titled album in 1996.

Members: Miles Hunt (vocals, guitar), Morgan "Fingers" Nicholls (bass) and Pete Howard (drums).

Miles Hunt, formerly of The Wonder Stuff formed Vent 414 (originally just "Vent" - changed due to the age-old problem of another band sharing the name) in early 1995.

Pete Howard, the power-house drummer of Eat, and Morgan Nicholls, formerly of Senseless Things, completed the trio. They were briefly joined on stage by Billy Duffy, formerly of The Cult.

Seemingly rebelling against the sound of his former band, Hunt went out of his way to produce an abrasive, raw sounding record, the live sound helmed by legendary producer Steve Albini. (Nirvana, The Pixies) The critics hated it, and sales were poor compared to the chart success of his previous band - hardly surprising. The Vent 414 album is a rough and sometimes difficult listen - definitely rewarding, but a million miles way from both the previous work of the man who had written "The Size Of A Cow.", and the Britpop fever sweeping the nation at the time.

After several tours, an album and two singles, Morgan Nicholls left the trio in Early 1997. In April, Polydor dropped the band. These two events marked the end of the Vent 414 name, but not the end of the music. Miles Hunt had been chained to Polydor as a result of the contract with The Wonder Stuff. Now he has the freedom to pursue options with other companies. Since then he has released several solo records, as well as recording and touring with a re-formed The Wonder Stuff

Interestingly, Morgan Nicholls has played extensively with the Streets, and may be a key inspiration for one of the characters in Gorillaz. He is now the unoffical fourth member of Muse, providing extra live instrumentalisation for the three piece.

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