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    Only 520 listeners? Wow.
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    RITUAL BLACK METAL Download first Demo:
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  • Avatar for stuartthegreat
    Gnawed Gristle and Bone up for pre-order:
  • Avatar for UntilYouReform Looks like they have copies of the split for sale. Ordered.
  • Avatar for krumbledkookie Patterns of Failure is fucking great.
  • Avatar for nnmore
  • Avatar for ninedeadtrees
    while we're posting links, (Juldoriion tape, got mine already) and for the next release.
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  • Avatar for Skogdraugen
    very good
  • Avatar for SOLAHate
  • Avatar for PrideZine
    The new track coming out is fucking nasty. Really good shit. It doesn't sound like most of the stuff they have done, it is more Black Metal than effect heavy electronics but it is still raw, noisy and fucked. Awesome to see this band getting recognition.
  • Avatar for UntilYouReform
    Saw this on the Funeral Stench forums: "[::] is the amalgamation of both of our noms du plume. People react with hesitance and discomfort when they look at foreign symbols without a given meaning, much like how our music brings discomfort. We want that unease to start just by looking at the title, before the music even starts."
  • Avatar for Ascaris_l
    Hahaha says the guy with Alcest, Les Discrets, Amesoeurs, Lantlos, Altar of Plagues and more in his top artists.
  • Avatar for nilzzzberghman
    The name of that cassette suffers from hipster overload
  • Avatar for UntilYouReform
  • Avatar for UntilYouReform
    666 plays ohshi. SO OCCULT FFFFFUUUUUUCK.
  • Avatar for ninedeadtrees
    listen to [::] after the rest. such a cycle
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  • Avatar for PrideZine
    The one that is coming out this year is the best so far. [::]
  • Avatar for Ascaris_l
    shoutboxes don't like assassins/black meddle part 2
  • Avatar for UntilYouReform
    Shoutboxes are worse than Pitchfork.
  • Avatar for Ascaris_l
    comes from the mysterious land of"blog"
  • Avatar for PrideZine
    Good stuff, get into it.
  • Avatar for BanginTheDead
    Not the rawest thing I have ever heard. Pretty strange, given the circumstances, though..
  • Avatar for UntilYouReform
    What the balls...this/these guy(s) (?) sent me a link to post on my blog. This is the rawest thing I've ever heard.

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