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Veneficium are a Symphonic Black Metal band from Quebec, Canada.

The War begaun into the dark freezing woods of northern Vinland in year 1992, when Lord Efferus (bass & guitar) and Saighor (drums) decided to create a dark, blasphemous and symphonic black metal band.

Dark Divine was born. Soon after, Dark Divine too under his wings, the almighty vocal Carl-Eric Faucher. At the ending of year 1994, S. Carignan (keys) and FF (guitar) joined the band and we decided to resume all the work and buried Dark Divine.

A new era will begin with Veneficium.

1995. Lord Efferus keeping the guitar for main instrument, we were searching for a thunderous bass player and we found it right into Hagalaz. After a few difficult months, Saighor was kicked out and FF took the drums. In 1996, we were still looking for a singer and a rhythmic guitar to complete the band. Nachzeher come to us and joined on vocal duties and a few months later, Lux Ferre took the rhythmic guitar.

We started playing shows in 1997 and Nachzeher left the band after a few shows because of different musical interest. Lux Ferre replaced Nachzeher on vocals, keeping the rhythmic guitar. This was our old line-up until the end of 2000. Finally, the motivation fades away even if we tried some line-up changes. (S. Carignan on guitar, and a new member, Meliza on keys).

We decided to kill this egregore called Veneficium in 2001.

2008, Veneficium's last breath. With only three original members: S. Carignan, FF, and Lord Efferus, we release our epitaph. This is the end. Enjoy!

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