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  • Avatar for Edward_TheGreat
    Fucking great last solo
  • Avatar for rocknsandra
    Cool video!! :))
  • Avatar for Estranged_Ann
    thanks for this, Scott)
  • Avatar for rockandrolljoe
    We're all slaves to a BIG Machine.
  • Avatar for DARK11ANGEL
    maneiro prá relaxar!!!
  • Avatar for oninen
    hehe ingen idioter her som snakker norsk hahah
  • Avatar for Mikey126
    stupid censored tracks
  • Avatar for sempremala
    Essa parece ser muito foda hein uHU
  • Avatar for galianmidge
    That picture of them dressed up is brilliant!
  • Avatar for daysleepr2
    Rock and Roll will NEVER die!!!!
  • Avatar for RocketQueen96
    Amazing :D
  • Avatar for slushhy
    I hate the lyrics but love this song *w*
  • Avatar for asegura9876
    That's what I'm talking about!!!
  • Avatar for sourgrrrl
    Myself, I really liked Contraband much more than Libertad...but that's just my taste.
  • Avatar for crazyweezee
    Squeeee :D
  • Avatar for pacheco25 cordiales zaludos amigos
  • Avatar for vividRhythm
    its a big machineee
  • Avatar for alanisnadine
    you can never go wrong with Slash or Scott!!!
  • Avatar for Slash_love
    Libertad was better than Contraband. Nuff said :l
  • Avatar for HOWLIN_WOLF_
    it didnt last and it is over. in other news. My mum is a big machine
  • Avatar for strungouttobee
    This band comes together great.... It probubly won't last... unfortunately great things never
  • Avatar for LLoveStreeTT
    FUCK YA- ONE OF MY FAVS! this tune fukin rules
  • Avatar for fopc
    are they thinging big pain machine??
  • Avatar for MitchelBoer
  • Avatar for frantic22
  • Avatar for Kamalus
    Not bad !
  • Avatar for jordancat
  • Avatar for Sonjaya705
    great band
  • Avatar for Eubilm
  • Avatar for Otsenre-Zedlav
    kick ass song!
  • Avatar for coolsaffi
  • Avatar for yuusou99
    very big machine :D
  • Avatar for saulhudson35
    big machine it's like old guns n roses so fine
  • Avatar for fwojtek
    niezły miks muzy i głosu znanych z innych kapel :)
  • Avatar for leticiaag
    one of my favs.
  • Avatar for dixierooster57
    rockin' with out Axel , cool .
  • Avatar for monxe
  • Avatar for tsuham
  • Avatar for Audioslave-srb
    Slash!Slash!Slash! sooooooo cool!
  • Avatar for chrisORANGE
    Really rockin' track. Love it.
  • Avatar for balky123
    i love vevet revolver
  • Avatar for SlashandAxl
  • Avatar for andiemiasma
    such a good bass sound.
  • Avatar for Geration
    killer intro :D
  • Avatar for whpprsnpprr
    Probably my favorite song on Contraband.
  • Avatar for ketamine_master
    i saw them live in holland 2007 great show...too short tough
  • Avatar for ketamine_master
    i saw them live in holland 2007 great show...too short tough
  • Avatar for MetallicaACDC
    "All tied up to a big machine..."
  • Avatar for hobiecat717
    saw them live for their first tour. so effing awesome.
  • Avatar for fuzmeister
    Comic book lives don't really have any real life, do they now?


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