• Why viking fetishists and all other types of fetishists merely wish to get laid

    26 Jul 2010, 20:42 by DrJosephMengele

    It's no secret that we live in a hypocrithical world, a charachteristic which is as old as humanity itself and will never perish, albeit historically it had different degrees throughout the world. This is rather visible amongst all types of fetishists – religious, cultural or otherwise.

    These fetishists (which go by the name of “fans” when we talk about subcultures or by most pseudo-extremists when we talk about religious fanatics or most political extremists or 99.99% of vegans and straight edgers, “ecologists” who wish that all the world would merely buy bourgeois “green” products and all the other subgroups of hipsters). These people cloak behind a trend, religion, etc. in order to disguise their sexuality in “higher ideals”. Don't believe me? Well, stay tuned.

    I'll first start with subculture fetishists, and the one which I personally find to be the most annoying – at lest in my area: viking fetishists (which merged with paganism/asatru/odinism and God knows what type of crap)…
  • Acoustic - Neo-folk - Folk Rock - Medieval - Neo-classical Recommendations! Part II

    4 Oct 2008, 16:31 by Hklti36Fljf

    A.Lixivia (Neofolk-Ambient)
    Aeldaborn (Neofolk-Dark Folk) (Recommended)
    Alethes (Neofolk) (Highly recommended. Long songs with grim clean vocals, unique and underrated!)
    Alphane Moon (Neofolk-Ambient)
    Apatheia (Folk-Neofolk) (Recommended Swedish band with good vocals)
    app 1901 (Neofolk)
    Aryeh Frankfurter (Harp-Celtic-Folk) (Highly recommended, very calming and beautifully arranged songs)
    Brobdingnagian Bards (Folk-Celtic-Comedy) (Some of their songs are too catchy and entertaining, not for everyone but worth a try)
    Conte Cruel (Melancholic Folk) (I hope this lazy man will produce some new songs, great stuff indeed:))
    Cor Solis (Neofolk)
    Corde Oblique (Ethereal-Neofolk) (Highly recommended, their album "Volontà d'Arte" is a masterpiece indeed)
    Diadema Tristis (Neofolk-Folk Metal) (Some of their songs are neofolk and they're pretty good)
    Eltan Renaxy (Neofolk) (Interesting stuff, lovely vocals)
    English Heretic (Esoteric-Weird-Neofolk-Ambient) (That's the weirdest group in this list…