• Van der Graaf Generator @ The Barbican, London

    30 mars 2011, 13h09m par chazzyf

    Sun 27 Mar – Van der Graaf Generator
    I can't admit to being the biggest or most knowledgeable Van der Graaf fan, but I found their re-union show at the Royal Festival Hall thoroughly compelling and have since started buying up all of their back catalogue as well as their more recent release.

    Peter Hammill was quite up-front in admitting that this tour would largely feature their more modern (post - 2005) material, so being at least familiar with Present and Trisector, I felt that I would probably recognize most of their set. However, as it turned out, I didn't recognize much at all.

    Not that it seemed to matter at all, such was the compelling nature of their performance. For a 3-piece of guys in their 60s they really go for it on-stage and if there were mistakes, then it wasn't really apparent at all.

    Some of the tunes from their latest album A Grounding In Numbers were a bit jarring on the ears - particularly Bunsho, but maybe part of that was due to the fact that I was hearing these songs for the first time. …