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Van Morrison

Sweet Thing (4:22)


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  • sweet
  • brilliant album
  • lOve.
  • Uuuia bought on our beautiful meditation song which makes it is an animal sounds great if you have an ice cream cone if
  • favourite
  • I just got married on 10/4, and this is the first song that my husband and I danced to. There is something so lovely and magical about this song.
  • This track makes me long for times that never passed. It really is beautiful...
  • never never nevah grow so ol' again
  • Such sweet noises... nigh nigh ning-ni-nigh-nigh
  • my first, but certainly not my last time hearing this song; magnificent.
  • it's astonishing that this was created by a mere mortal
  • great voice
  • BEST
  • A awesome and bittersweet song! Great!
  • I love this song, however Shana Morrison does a really fine version of this. I actually listen to her version more ofen.
  • This song can get it's hooks into you.
  • I play this song every year on my birthday. It's bittersweet. Lots of memories. The chime making my dog bark; the birth of my first son; realizing that it is not possible to never grow old, yet somehow believing every word Van says.
  • what a great Van track....can never get enough of him.....(except Brown Eyed Girl..I am so tired of that....)
  • '68 Great Van album.
  • Vintage Van is sooo good!
  • Mike Scott and The Waterboys did a fair enough version of this song on their [great] Fisherman's Blues album, but still, Van's the Man [3]
  • Mike Scott and The Waterboys did an [extremely] fair enough version of this song on their Fisherman's Blues album, but still, Van's the Man [2]
  • lovely :)
  • A soul/folk genius- what a crossover!!
  • The world needs more songs like this. Such a heavenly song.
  • Van has always been there when I needed him***
  • Probably one of the most beautiful songs ever made
  • oh
  • Love this man, listen to his CD while traveling and I had to add him to my radio/library
  • Boy, I sure miss my sweet thing, Here's to you Baby... My Sweet Loretta.
  • Someday, I plan to play this for the right, dazzling woman, who will not be able to resist Van, even if she can resist me... this is mesmerizing, glorious stuff... a real masterwork from the Lion of Belfast.
  • all my love for this song
  • My all time favourite song ♥ 'I shall drive my chariot down your streets and cry, "hey, it's me i'm dynamite and I don't know why!"'
  • Mesmerising, I'm going into a trance like state as I type :-)
  • Simply perfect in every single way.
  • Mike Scott and The Waterboys did a fair enough version of this song on their Fisherman's Blues album, but still, Van's the Man
  • This song is a great journey.
  • got to be my favorite song ever
  • you shall take me in your aaarms again, and i will not remember that i ever felt the paaaain. WE SHALL WALK AND TALK IN GARDENS ALL MISTY WET, UH MISTY WET WITH RAAAAIN.
  • this song never loses its power, it's always like listening to it for the first time again.
  • The more I hear this song the more I think Van Morrison is my favourite musician ever, so fierce~
  • This track is a paean to pure & honeyed love.
  • Another wonderful tune from Van the Man!
  • Love, love, love.
  • van the man!
  • Great double bass
  • This is gorgeous.
  • Waterboys do this right too. Check it out.


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