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Van Halen

Hot For Teacher (4:44)


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  • Virtuoso.
  • cool song ,cool video,,cool band ,,all cool
  • Got it Bad
  • Only VH could pull off this song with the charm that they had ;)
  • alex yes drums frigin kick and another riff for the record books..... hate them slow clocks....class dismissed!
  • Got it bad?....ohhh.....that's gooooooood :o)
  • the drums on this is FANTASTIC!!!
  • Aw man, I think the clock is slow...
  • I got it bad!
  • This song ALWAYS Puts me in a Good Mood..No matter what mood i'm in.. [2]
  • I was hot for teacher when I was in school.
  • SICK drums
  • I know a real hot teacher ;0)
  • FAVORITE Van Halen song!!
  • haha nice drums \m/
  • dem triplets, dat double bass etc.
  • Nice!
  • This song ALWAYS Puts me in a Good Mood..No matter what mood i'm in..
  • Awsome...
  • Great Song, Video and Album
  • Got it bad, soooooooooooooo bad
  • i dont feel tardy
  • Hahah.. this is MY song. Uhm.. I'm a teacher, see :P
  • My homework was never quite like this... ;)
  • Nice Double Bass Drums ... I give it a A+ and a :)
  • Quite amusing.
  • Shut Up David, Let Eddie Do His Work.
  • Wolfie just ain't cuttin' it for me...but I don't think Michael Anthony would even come back if asked...he's got a nice stress free gig with Sammy. They both would give Edvard the finger in a crowd. I still love the DLR, Michael Anthony sound the very best.
  • hello everyone great rock lets roll
  • Sit down, WALDO!!!
  • Bad-ass beginning!
  • Hells yes!
  • :O
  • Spank! ;-)
  • Just don't let Alex dance.
  • Ms. Martinez, now I had bad for that teacher. Know wa I sayin'
  • Saw them on this tour at the Forum in Inglewood. The party in the parking lot was tremendous.
  • I don't feel tardy
  • Brilliant tune
  • The intro is too awesome :D
  • Whooo! Great tune! I Love this talent and tune! I just did have a crush on my teacher! At this time I remember his name, However, I can not spell it correctly! HAAAA! HAAAA! :-)
  • it dont get much better than this!
  • ..ooooh my goood !!
  • ps I had a teacher who looked just like the hot brunette teacher in this video.....oh man after her class forget about standing up.....lol
  • going to get my tickets for the Pa concert Friday!!!!!
  • ONE OF THE BEST......
  • SIT DOWN WALDO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • lol this song is so un-PC now, awesome
  • i saw this tour in San Francisco, at the cow palace. man what great memories, the music, the girls , the drugs and booze were flowin. i seem to float just above the ground the whole night.ssssso many great , weird and freaky things happened that night . it was truly an experience i will never forget. thank you Van Halen


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