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Van Halen III
Van Halen

Van Halen III



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  • This album was doomed from the start and that's unfortunate because it's an EXCELLENT Album!!!
  • Ed's tone sucked on this big time, Gary's vocals were too stretched for his range, he certainly was pushing his limits, which made him sound unnatural for his range, at some songs he just could sing an octave lower at the song would come out much better. The there is the almost hollow sound throughout the whole album, the mid's are way too much in the foreground. A much more warmer sound would be more welcome. Alex doesn't sound so confident and I sometimes get a feeling like at was in charge of the whole rhythm section no only on the bass. The songs are great and the band was progressing very fast in the 90's and this could be their pinnacle but you often get that feeling that the song isn't going anywhere or simply looses its momentum.
  • I like all incarnations of Van Halen. I used to not like III, but listening to it again recently, I quite like it. It's very different than the Roth and Hagar albums, so it's understandable it frustrated fans (I was one of them back then), but it actually ages well, and it's musically more interesting than many of their other albums, including the most recent one with Roth back on vocals. Maybe they should've kept this going on as a side project, under a different name.
  • There's a reason this version of VH only produced one album. To say this album is in any way good is pure denial.
  • Extreme album, by Van Halen...
  • It's not bad. I like it better than the Haggar years, but it's no Roth Van Halen.
  • I wanted to like it. I wanted to be one of the few people who rated it as a decent effort. It's not a terrible album, but it's far from being a great one. [2]
  • I feel like the long track lengths of this album hurt it for me. I just don't feel compelled to listen to a 6-8 minute long Van Halen song, so I tend to overlook them.
  • не особо альбом
  • Very underrated album.. incredibly moody, sonic and textured.

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