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  • Wolfes Lunch
  • Ya Hey ♥!
  • Oxford Comma ♥
  • pego
  • These guys just can't make a bad album. [6]
  • I'm hoping for a new Vampire Weekend album really soon! In the meantime I can't wait for the new Passion Pit album "Kindred"! It comes out 4/21!
  • "their interviews are way too academic" ....Haha, to be fair though, what else could you possible expect from Ezra?
  • their interviews are way too academic
  • i wish they could just go on tour again!! i missed them last time :'( and come to europe!!!!
  • a-punk ♥
  • @frohn_jusciante: Второй альбом тоже неплох.
  • дебютник потешный у них был. а больше слушать нечего.
  • These guys just can't make a bad album. [5]
  • These guys just can't make a bad album. [4]
  • Love it
  • It's impossible not to like this band. [2]
  • With each album their music becomes that bit more mature and bigger in scale, this excites me
  • It's impossible not to like this band.
  • Unbelievers ♥
  • Ya Hey ♥
  • Step is on repeat!!
  • que banda ruim, puta que me pariu
  • vampire weekend slays the shit out of every other album by them
  • Contra is the shit !!
  • love'em
  • luve it!
  • Super fun band!!
  • ezra koenig que homem
  • M79 ♥
  • Ya Hey Ya Hey
  • These guys just can't make a bad album. [3]
  • These guys just can't make a bad album. [2]
  • These guys just can't make a bad album.
  • I hope they go on tour next year (another album would be nice, too)
  • "good artists borrow. great artists steal. I rob the great artists & return the art 2 the museum in the dead of night, seeking no reward"
  • I dont even like this band but I can't stop listening to them send help pls
  • I can honestly say this band was a bit gimmicky for the first bit, but I am way impressed with their third release. Looks like Vampire Weekend is here to stay.
  • Step ♥
  • more like Cape Cod ;)
  • Cape Town.
  • guys, return 2 brazil pls 💗
  • Hannah Hunt <33
  • Без понятия, за счет чего эта параша столь популярна.
  • @Separat0r: weird point of view. Quite interesting though. I had the right feeling, it seems.
  • @Krypt0n_: Yeah exactly, take it like a sarcastic critique of one's own privileged lifestyle. He doesn't necessarily /condemn/ his upper-middle class upbringing and his decadent environment, but certainly acknowledges the bougie bullshit that inspires the feel of the music. He's aware that he's the end result of capitalism and he's not above pointing out it's hypocrisies.
  • I just listened to their last 2 albums... not bad, quite fun too. But the overall impression I had at the end was like listening to the soundtrack of some rich kids' life... just saying.
  • hahahahaha
  • Bring on vampy weeks pt. 4 !


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