• uhh random stuff

    3 Jul 2008, 01:11 by sparksTHEdani

    so I'm going to the connery/better than/the sophmore beat/black bridge/fasterfaster show on saturday and to the radiation year/vallon/the hour of chaos/take her she's mine/stop is the new go show next friday and I am SUPER pumped. I just hope I don't break anything. Being 5'2" in a crowd full of people taller than me is kinda overwhelming. But if I kick my way to the front I'll be all set. It worked at the SparksTHERescue show [<3].

    On another note, Sparks probably won't be the same without Marty. He was the heart of the band. But it's k, I still love them.

    Plus I get to see Mayday Parade twice in the same week <3

    Aanndd downloading all of my music onto my laptop is a little harded than I thought it would be. It's day 3 and I'm not even done with the C's. Ahh well.

    - danielle<3Sparks The RescueMayday ParadeConneryBetter ThanThe Sophmore BeatBlack BridgeFasterfasterRadiation YearVallonHour Of Chaos