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Valley of Fear is a noisy black metal influenced experimental rock trio of Justin Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu), Samantha Davies (Skullflower, Voltigeurs) and Matthew Bower (Skullflower, Hototogisu). The first, self-titled, album was released in 2012 through Legion Blotan, limited to 500 copies.

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  • "So?" - Well, sorry to say, but so you're obviously a moron. Or an asshole. Choose one.
  • this rules.
  • Legion Blotan isn't NS at all...
  • So? If you want to purchase albums that haven't yet become popular enough to be distributed on a larger scale through bigger labels, you're forced to stick with that site. To use a good comparison: back when Drudkh's "Blood in Our Wells" came out, you were pretty much forced to order it through Northern Heritage Records, which provides NSBM among other things. Now it's available through Season of Mist. If you like the music, deal with it, or wait for it to be released elsewhere.
  • Shit. They do?
  • Guys, seriously, It's not an option to buy from that legion blotan site, because they sell so much racist crap, it makes me wanna puke.
  • yes, here. http://legion-blotan.mutant-ape.co.uk
  • "Prayer: it looks like, sooner or later, everyone goes into black metal" --- word. and besides, everything gets the 'black metal' label tagged to it anyway regardless of how absolutely minimal it sounds like black metal
  • this needs to come out on vinyl
  • i SO hope this will be an ongoing project

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