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  • Avatar for born-in-hell
    Please getting an overview before create botched wiki. Bloodcurdling muddle just got totally shit canned.
  • Avatar for IBlewCastles
    this band will never die.
  • Avatar for KiroS69
  • Avatar for born-in-hell
    Lizzy had got what it takes! No one can replace him!
  • Avatar for IBlewCastles
    exactly what I was going to say, Lizzy Devine was the band!
  • Avatar for ninjagordinho
    Cool, cool.
  • Avatar for moby_who
    Lizzy is Vains of Jenna's soul, that's all I have to say.
  • Avatar for ch3rrypie
    "California Dreaming" - great cover ! [2]
  • Avatar for Nemaiin
    Ребята, возвращайтесь, вы великолепны!!! Море позитива и хорошего настроения, начинаешь слушать и уже трудно остановиться)
  • Avatar for william_0191
    New singer isn't fit the band, get Lizzy back motherfuckers!
  • Avatar for Re-Kramer
    Lizzy DeVine returns to rock n' roll with appearance at the annual Cruefest in Hollywood California on Saturday July 27th! I'm thrilled.
  • Avatar for Saintnick_Ukr
    внезапно вспомнил, и не могу оторваться ^^
  • Avatar for satan_88_level
  • Avatar for RehBrrt
  • Avatar for motleyfucking
    охуенчик, жаль что уже в прошлом [2] без Лиззи VOJ уже не те(
  • Avatar for Slowmotionfuck
    "California Dreaming" - great cover !
  • Avatar for Nih_GNR
    Everybody Loves You When You're Dead ♥♥♥♥
  • Avatar for TheDarkSide73
    What's up with the rap in the cover of Electric
  • Avatar for TZPEAZOA
    oh how i miss hearing Lizzy's voice
  • Avatar for Nih_GNR
  • Avatar for Sex_Pot_Revenge
  • Avatar for Holger_Fetish
    охуенчик, жаль что уже в прошлом
  • Avatar for okmarianna
  • Avatar for Re-Kramer
    Yeah and then Jesse's got kicked out in a week or so 'cause Oni Logan was back. And Lizzy was recently collaborating with Erok and recorded the chorus on his Raise Your Fist Up. Has anyone heard what's going on with the rest of Jenna's ex members?
  • Avatar for TakeItSleezy
    Jesse Forte joined Lynch Mob with legend George Lynch! I Wish them the best =)!!
  • Avatar for Slesar-int brand new hard rock/sleaze band
  • Avatar for nothingeverdies
    =( </3
  • Avatar for crimsonghostleo
    Why do the good die young?
  • Avatar for gfdsagfdsagfdsa
  • Avatar for TZPEAZOA
  • Avatar for ValeriaSixx
    RIP :/
  • Avatar for MagnoDeVine
  • Avatar for Shigakka
    It's unfortunate that they split up, but their last album was pretty bland. Lizzy was a way better singer than this new guy.
  • Avatar for Dinveth
    sad news...
  • Avatar for DamselEvil
    Vains Of Jenna calls it quits!
  • Avatar for ShowtimeBrazil
    Obviously not the same thing after Lizzy departure,but "Reserve Tripped" wasn't bad at all. Jesse did a pretty decent job,but i ain't sure if he has "the punch" VoJ needs to make the band justice. Let's wait for another album to make the final veredict since Lizzy isn't coming back any time soon.
  • Avatar for AlexisComa Lizzy's first interview about his departure from VoJ!
  • Avatar for Re-Kramer
    I've heard that Lizzy is working on a new solo album, should be awesome!
  • Avatar for miissweet
  • Avatar for MrSixx
  • Avatar for CirkusRunaways
    Great band, Great influence! Check out amateur but heading same direction as they were to where they are now! Support Hard, Sleazy, Raw Rock! check out "Cirkus Runaways"
  • Avatar for EdnaShadows
    o lizzy é o rei fdps [3]
  • Avatar for B_Hammock
    Lizzy's voice is what made this band unique from all the other modern hair metal bands.
  • Avatar for Aeronniell
    Hurray for grunge![2]
  • Avatar for Aeronniell
    It's not about bitching and whining about Lizzy,Jesse is so much different that if they weren't called VOJ I wouldn't even care like so many fans out there but the point is VOJ with Lizzy could have been so huge and he was the real deal.Honestly Jesse's voice isn't so bad but he is definitely NOT for VOJ!
  • Avatar for jackyboiii
    Fuck the haters. Jesse is different than Lizzy but I support them in everything they do. I miss seeing these fools on Sunset every week
  • Avatar for DamselEvil
    Without Lizzy this band is not the same... Jesse's voice is fucking terrible.... Lizzy back ! :D
  • Avatar for bloodgrave45
    Stop bitching about Lizzy
  • Avatar for gbdl
    o lizzy é o rei fdps²
  • Avatar for MotleyKhon
    New singer suxx spuds. Hurray for grunge!


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