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There are 8 bands called Vae Victis

1) A French "rock identitaire" (RIF) band, active from 1993 - 2000. It was composed of five members: François (guitar and vocals), Fabrice (piano, clarinet, flute and backing vocals), Philippe (vocals), Vincent (bass, accordeon), and Thibaud (drums, bodhran). The band issued 3 albums and a mini-CD, as well as various compilation tracks through the years.


1995 : Vae victis
1997 : Quand les vents tournent
2000 : Hors-la-loi

1996 : Clovis

2) A Death Metal band from Poland

3) a raw punk band from turkey
Vocals - Hilal
Guitar - Arda Ilgaz
Bass - Ali Şener
Davul - Orkun Tunç
-Only 6 months life. ~2000-2001

4) an australian band located in Sydney, they are made up of members too many fucking bands to mention but World on Welfare, Headless Horsemen, Sewer Cider, SMUT, Bastardos and Murder Disco X is not a bad place to start.
At times heavy on the D-beat, at others just very fucking fast with screaching guitar noise and a singer who is going to hurt herself one day jumping around and making all that fucking noise.

Members -Instruments:
Cath - Vox
James - Guitar
Kieren - Bass
Deano - Drums


5) VAE VICTIS was born from the ashes of Reno Goatrock pioneers EVERSKWELCH. From 1997 until 2001 VAE VICTIS reigned as one of the best bands to emerge from Reno's underground punk scene. The band's first release was a split 7 inch with local Reno Coalesce worshipers AHRIMAN, the record was a split release between Satan's Pimp Records and 702 Records. Their second record was a self-titled full-length on Satan's Pimp. Their third and final record was the "Ugly Reflection" LP, a split label release between Moral Atrophy and Back The Draft. In their short time VAE VICTIS put out 3 records, did a handfull of tours and played countless shows in Reno. One of the more underrated bands of the time, VAE VICTIS is outlived by their legacy, members of VAE VICTIS concurrently played in, or went on to play in such bands as GEHENNA, CRUSHSTORY, REDRUM(reno), IRON LUNG, ARTIMUS PYLE, CRUCIAL ATTACK, COLD SWEAT, THE JENNIFER ECHO and more.

Jensen Ward - Guitar / Vocals
Chris McLendon - Bass / Vocals
David Torch - Drums
Eli Rough - Vocals
Jim Wadsworth - Drums


6) A RAC band from Germany.

7) A Black/Thrash Metal band from Germany that formed in 2001 and released a 2008 album entitled "Black F***ing Thrash Metal"

8) A Black Metal band from Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, Île-de-France, France

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