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Three artists record under the name Vaccine.

1) Vaccine was a band from Massachusetts, made up of current and former members of Think I Care, Glue, Relics, Failures, Orchid and Ampere.

2) Christine Vaccine is an electronic music producer from the United States

3) Vaccine were an alternative rock band from Germany (active 2001-2009) - follow-up projects of its members: VXHLL, Starpost, Reste von Gestern

1) Christine Vaccine is a artist from the US by producer Christine Clements. Vaccine has several tracks, including “Wishful Thinking” and “Breathless,” having been released on Paul Rose aka Scuba's UK/Germany imprint Hotflush Recordings .

A self-described Skinny Puppy and Portishead fan, Vaccine’s recordings blend jittery electronic elements with gothic ambient nuances and dubstep’s bass-led bottom end. While her mainly male dubstep cohorts’ songs lurch and stomp, Vaccine’s music drifts and shimmers via subtle melodies and echoed vocals. Her constructions aren’t necessarily main floor rave fodder, but rather, comedown music for a 6 a.m. all-back-to-mine.

That’s not to pigeonhole Vaccine as merely a gentile, feminine composer–her tracks can also unleash the demons. But at a time when dubstep’s expansion is marked by dancefloor technicians such as Skream, Benga, and Rusko, artists like Burial, Vex'd or Vaccine expand the music's possibilities.

2) Vaccine is a band from Massachusetts, made up of current and former members of Think I Care, Glue, Relics, Failures, and Ampere. Their demo is available for both download and purchase on their website.

3) Vaccine were an alternative rock band from Munich, Germany, that was formed in 2001 and disbanded in 2009. Their final line-up was completed in 2004.

Vaccine were finalists in the Munich band contest “Sprungbrett 2005” and won the band contest “Stadt-Land-Rock 2006” of the Tollwood festival and Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper. In 2007, they received the special jury prize of the international “GBOB - Global Battle Of The Bands” contest (regional finals). In 2008, they contributed songs to the prestigious samplers Kultzone Münchensampler #7 and Subkultur Sampler 2008. All of Vaccine's songs are in English.

Vaccine are sometimes likened to bands such as Radiohead, Kashmir, Muse, and Coldplay because of their brooding, introspective, dark sound.

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