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  • Avatar for Daigo-Sama
    very sexy techno
  • Avatar for pyaz2004
    Join the group of [group]VCMG[/group]
  • Avatar for tankard17
    Интересный проэктик! И клип - нормуль!
  • Avatar for Kyonil
  • Avatar for chiefmate2014
    It's very good
  • Avatar for Az_Agnes
    Happy Birthday, Vince! :)
  • Avatar for chillyspider
    so pure and powerful.. greates techno of the last years!
  • Avatar for tangerman
    Two living legends!
  • Avatar for JonasKfrank
    This is Briliant. Absolutely Briliant
  • Avatar for Turboroom
    Palas 3,14$ras
  • Avatar for ANDREY-VAN
    Palas pidoras
  • Avatar for pyaz2004
    Join the group of --- [group]VCMG[/group]
  • Avatar for chillyspider
    wow. great!
  • Avatar for Slavomir
  • Avatar for jeff071
    VCMG >>>>>>>> deadmau5
  • Avatar for NovaFutures
    new EP is coming soon >
  • Avatar for infectedmodes
    Single PHUCKING Blip.
  • Avatar for infectedmodes
    This album energizes me! Long life to Vince Clarke, Martin L. Gore, Dave Gahan, Alan Wilder and Andy Fletcher.
  • Avatar for Winxamitosis
    absolutely loving this new work from the boys! nice to hear them back together. long may this continue
  • Avatar for ia101na
  • Avatar for ami-thyste
    nice new album <3 "Single Blip"
  • Avatar for shagovic
    This is good music for coding.
  • Avatar for sparklecrunch
    havtofindaname is spot on - Regis is best mix. However, Aftermaths gives me mind orgasms and falshback belly rushes...which is a bit awkward when I'm at work doing a report with my cans on and going "oh-h-h-h-h" every wee while ;0
  • Avatar for SFH-
    "Lowly" is great opening for the album, but i was a bit dissapointed after such promosing ending led nowhere - "Zaat" sounded completely different. mixed album would sound much better. But it is wonderful anyway.
  • Avatar for Stevenomec
    That's fucking huge ♥
  • Avatar for vapetrovski
    "Zaat" and "Flux" very cool,
  • Avatar for havetofindaname
    regis' take on spock is seriously one of the best remixes i've heard in a long time
  • Avatar for fabithejoker
    I just sssS2 VCMG
  • Avatar for alin1
    "Lowly" is awesome!
  • Avatar for DrMosse
    Good album! Flux atleast could be on DM album just needz vox. Bjuuudiful 2LP+cd!
  • Avatar for jeff071
    Great stuff. Very old school.
  • Avatar for infectedmodes
    I sometimes think they're so connected making perfect music and suddenly forget about the album covers.
  • Avatar for infectedmodes
    But they're definitely a perfect match.
  • Avatar for sper12
    what's the point of tagging electronic music with "electronic"? I mean, it is obvious that it is electronic, so wouldn't it be a good idea to tag it more precisely? [2]
  • Avatar for GruppaKrovi
    Ssss is just superb! Quite the interesting album - great collaboration.
  • Avatar for mrgypsum
    @under_radar_mag, thats not a review, thats like 4 sentences of nothing.
  • Avatar for Under_Radar_Mag
    Check out our review of Ssss:
  • Avatar for mot00rzysta
    @anti-tommy: reverted bio back to your version. that user was discourteous as well as disastrous. however, if you'd add some urls the whole thing would be easier to verify, maybe even for mods. cheers. and yessssss, VC/MG did an amazing album. old guard on top form.
  • Avatar for ParisianBoy
    fantastic album!
  • Avatar for davrem69
    veryyyyyyy goooooddddd super album !!!! ☺♥
  • Avatar for WayneBirch
    Only heard the two EPs so far but I'm loving the old skool techno sound. It's like being back in the early 90s :)
  • Avatar for gEEEERa
    This is just fantastic, i love it
  • Avatar for Agent_Orange101
    Album is great! Well done.
  • Avatar for sonny_valerio
    what's the point of tagging electronic music with "electronic"? I mean, it is obvious that it is electronic, so wouldn't it be a good idea to tag it more precisely?
  • Avatar for Jeremmy27
    Ssss album is really good!
  • Avatar for yolatenga
    this album is blowing me away. Minimal enough but great depth. Couldn't have come at a better time for electronic music from two of the pioneers.
  • Avatar for rvnvalente
  • Avatar for shephard_advis
    better than expected
  • Avatar for Teletub
  • Avatar for mrgypsum
    wow, the old guys do something timeless.


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