• More & Less Japanese Music

    25 Jan 2007, 22:15 by helikoppter

    Mika Bomb - Hellcats

    When it still existed in a paper version, Darling was my favorite magazine. One time, when I renewed my subscription, I got "Darling Soundtrack #2" and on it was this really fun and cool song: Super Sexy Razor Happy Girls. I thought Mika Bomb were incredibly cool and when I got broadband some five years ago I managed to track down some songs more of theirs. It was only a couple years ago that I finally managed to locate their album (when it dawned on me that many CDs can be ordered straight from the labels) and when they released their second album it took me a while to get that one too.

    Since I'm not really a punk fan it might be that I'm more used to Mika Bomb's first album, but to me, Hellcats isn't close to being as good as The Fake Fake Sound Of Mika Bomb. I can't really point to any differences in style, but their new songs just don’t appeal to me as much. Perhaps they're not as upbeat, or I haven't listened enough to their lyrics cause what little…