• Psygressive tracks lyrics-samples

    6 Aug 2012, 04:41 by Deustini

    I`ll post some tracks with the lyrics/samples, some taken from great movies, others taken from documentaries or books.
    There are some very interesting sources!
    Hope you enjoy!

    Track......: Misantropia
    Artist.....: Urucubaca vs Deejoker
    Album......: Aliens Exists
    Genre......: Psychedelic
    Style......: Psygressive
    Label......: Independent Mind Records

    "_I welcome the third National D.A.'s Convention...on Narcoticsand Dangerous Drugs.
    _And now,without further ado...the man who will define this cancer eating at the heart of America...Dr. L. Ron Bumquist.

    _I saw these bastards in Easy Rider, but I didn't believe they were real.
    _Not like this, man, not hundreds of them.
    _They're actually pretty nice people once you get to know them.
    _Know them ? I know these people in my goddamn blood.
    _Don't say that word around here. You'll get them excited.