• 40 Questions About My Top 50 ~

    8 Nov 2007, 14:44 by Josca

    1. How did you get into 31?: Linkin Park
    My friend listened them a lot ~4 years ago

    2. What was the first song you ever heard by 22?: YUP
    Hmmm... I think it was Tavaroiden taikamaailma

    3. What's your favourite lyric by 29?: Ill Niño
    Maybe How Can I Live

    4. What is your favourite album by 49?: Green Day
    Well... I must say it's American Idiot

    5. How many albums by 13 do you own?: Do As Infinity

    6. What is your favourite song by 50?: Enya
    Orinoko flow

    7. Is there a song by 4 that makes you sad?: In Flames
    I don't think so

    8. What is your favourite song by 15?: Moonsorrow
    There are many songs which I like, but maybe Raunioilla is my favourite

    9. What is your favourite song by 5?: Placebo
    Song to Say Goodbye, Space Monkey, English Summer Rain and many more...

    10. Is there a song by 6 that makes you happy?: 坂本真綾
    Not specific one

    11. What is your favourite album by 40?: Infected Mushroom
    Hmmm... I dunno.

  • Collection review: 30 Classic Hard Rock Songs...

    28 Jun 2006, 16:54 by Monsan

    I got my hands on another collection, this time it says hard rock instead of heavy metal. I've heard most of the tracks before but there are some artists I've never heard before. Now I'm going to judge this collection if it's a good start for anyone who hasn't listen to much hard rock before.

    1: The Trooper

    Interesting way to start a collection. The Trooper is one of Iron Maiden's most popular songs, and one of my favourites.

    2: Highway Star

    I'm not a huge Deep Purple fan, but Highway Star is awesome song. I could be wrong but it seems to me that "Smoke on the water" is the mainstream Deep Purple song and "Highway Star" is one of the fans most liked songs. Personally I prefer "Highway Star" over "Smoke on the water".

    3: Holy Diver

    This collection is just getting better and better. The only downside I can with choosing Holy Diver instead of other awesome Dio songs is that this song takes some time before it starts. …