• Number one! USA! USA!

    26 Jun 2007, 22:38 by Malarky

    It surprises me that with all the folks on last.fm I can still end up as top listener with any band, no matter how obscure. Just for kicks, I think I'm gonna start keeping tabs of the bands that I end up a top listener for the week.

    Week ending June 24th:

    Troubled Hubble - #1 Listener
    Lou Barlow - #1 Listener
    The Parson Red Heads - #2 Listener
    Urban Legends - #3 Listener
  • Kind of Like Spitting Discography

    7 Jun 2006, 11:29 by andrewbiles

    Most of it is done now, although finding out about pressings is hard, and I don't have the exact release dates for quite a few of the releases. So if anyone has any info that I'm missing, please say. Also, tracks that haven't made CDs I'd love to know, live covers and all. Thanks.

    Dates written the correct way dd/mm/yy

    Kind of Like Spitting

    Kind of Like Spitting (Cassette) - Jealous Butcher

    Track Listing:
    Side A
    1. Water Works
    2. Power Chords
    3. Tape Deck
    4. February 18th, 1996
    5. Big Grey Parlor
    6. Winter
    7. Drop the Bomb
    8. 4-Letter Words
    9. No Free Refills

    Side B
    1. Liquid Boy
    2. Outside
    3. Answering Machine
    4. Bookworm
    5. Still Be Around
    6. Better Anyway
    7. You Poor Miserable Fool
    8. Lazer Diagram

    - Limited cassettes

    Kind of Like Spitting EP (aka the 'Blue EP') - Hush Records

    Track Listing:
    1. Shuffle, Kick, Hum a Tune
    2. The Thing About Distance
    3. March 25th, 1998
    4. What a Wonderful Puddle (Braid cover)
    5. Just Broken
    6. Rowing a Dead Horse
    7. Through the Sound of Crashing Pins