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  1. Omegas are a montreal based hardcore-punk band featuring an ex-member of Justice.

    The lords of slam-skank.

  2. Hardcore punk band from Toronto, Ontario, now considered legendary and one of the most important and influential modern bands from Toronto.…

    Hardcore punk band from Melbourne, Australia heavily influenced by the Oi punk greats. Pissed off vocals with lyrics about…

  4. Nomos is 1) a hardcore punk band from Brooklyn, New York or 2) an Irish folk band.

    1) you are dust and to dust you are to return.…

  5. Every bit as ugly and primitive as the neanderthal cover implies, Skrapyard plod through five tracks of gutter Oi that will make you question your…

  6. Nihilistic hardcore hailing from Columbus, OH.


    DEMO I (self release)
    LIVE TAPE I (self release)
    LIVE TAPE II (smoke & mirrors)
    DEMO II…

  7. Boston hardcore, members of The Boston Strangler, Blank Stare, Waste Management, Scapegoat, and a million other bands.

  8. Nazi Dust is a hardcore band from Tampa, Florida.

  9. Broke up. Fucking Losers.
    HOFACKER 3:16

  10. Ripping, tough-as-nails hardcore from Canada.

  11. 1) An experimental electronic/witch house artist.

    2) HC frenzy from NYC/Mass lifers casting all optimism aside to dismantle…

  12. Hardcore punk in the vein of Rorschach. They have released a demo on Painkiller records.

  13. From the ashes of Negative FX (with Choke of Slapshot fame) rose Last Rights. Musically not as fast as his previous band and more methodical.…

  14. Members of Think I Care, Waste Management, No Tolerance, Mind Eraser, The Rival Mob and a shit-ton more. Has a self-titled 12" on Painkiller Records.

  15. A pulverizing hardcore punk supergroup from Brooklyn, NY. Consisting of members from: Aerosols, Wasteland, Cancer Kids, Bucket Full Of Teeth,…

  16. 1. Boston straight edge hardcore featuring members of Righteous Jams, Cold World, Mental, and Mind Eraser.

    2. Step Forward was founded in 1989 in…

  17. Cold Sweat is the name of four different bands, they are:

    1. A hardcore/punk band with releases on the now defunct Manic Ride Records. Members…


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