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There are two artists with this name. First is Set of artists from Zürich, Switzerland, second is czech punk rock band (http://bandzone.cz/upstream).

1) Upstream are Set of artists from Zürich, Switzerland. Their general Genre of music could also be tagged as or .
The band members are:
Vocals: Smauel Müller, Simon Walder, Tabea Müller
Drums: Jonathan Müller
Bass: Nathan Looser, Berni Wäfler, Dave Demuth
E-Guitar: Michael Trowbridge, Berni Wäfler, Simon Walder
Acoustic Guitar: Samuel Müller, Simon Walder
Piano: Rahel Müller, Dave Demuth, Simon Walder
Supported by the 'Upstream Choir'

Upstream recently has released their first Album Generation 3 November 2006, playing mostly swiss-german whorship songs written by themselves.

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