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  1. Impurity Of Myira is a Deathcore Band from Las Vegas, Nevada. They were formed in December of 2009.

    Having influences such as Carnifex,…

  2. The Day Is Ours broke unto the scene mid summer 2010 with a sound that combines bone crunching breakdowns with beautiful melody. With an…

  3. Members
    Jason Ray - Vocals
    Dakota Kirk - Guitar
    Searching - Guitar
    Robbie Madden - Drums
    Kevin Spencer - Bass

    The Pale Sky reigns out of…

  4. In an area where no one ever expected it, all hell broke loose as PANDORA’S DAWN was founded in 2005.

    Stef, Mike, Dave, Norbi and Basti, 5 guys…

  5. Emerald Vale are a young 5 piece deathcore act rising out of Gold Coast, Queensland that formed in 2009 Having recently signed with Australian…

  6. Genre
    Melodic Metal/Metal Core/Metal
    John Moser - Drums
    Paul Duran - Guitar
    Ray McKinnon - Guitar
    Erik Price - Bass/Vocals

  7. A 4 piece deathcore band from Huntington/Morrisvale, WV. They write music that is hard hitting, technical, and aggressive to a point where almost…

  8. Deathcore band from Austria
    Around since 2008.
    Playing shows since 2009.
    Released 1 album.
    2 music videos.

  9. Hometown: Charlotte, NC
    Genre: Deathcore
    Members: Justin Genoble – Vocals, Chris Donohue – Drums, Jason Keating – Guitar, Garrett Greene – Bass…

  10. Facebook
    Formed In: December 2009 - Present
    Hometown : Pineville, LA
    Genre: Deathcore

    Band Lineup:
    Bryant Prejean :: Drums
    Brandon Negrete…

  11. bandcamp | facebook
    Founded: 2012
    Location: North East, UK
    Genre: Technical Death Metal/Slam/Deathcore

    Ricky Lee Roper :: Vocals |…

  12. Paradise in Exile is an Australian deathcore band from Perth, Western AU. They formed in 2010 and have so far released a five-track demo entitled…

  13. Beneath The Veil is a deathcore band from Corona CA.

    For more information, visit

    Debut EP "The Movement" released May,…

  14. The Green River Burial is a German metal band from Frankfurt, Hessen, formed in 2008. After publishing a Demo in mid 2009 the band released their…

  15. facebook
    Formed In: 2010
    Hometown Location: Staten Island, NY
    Genre: Deathcore / Metal / Hardcore

    Band Lineup
    Chris Gonzalez >> Vocals

  16. Current Location : Atlanta, Ga
    Genre : Deathcore/Hardcore

    Members :
    Jake Ferguson: Vocals

  17. Taken from his Facebook page:

    "I'm Doug and this is my solo project. I make music for fun. Enjoy.

    I originally started recording solo stuff…

  18. As Paradise Falls are a 5-piece metalcore band from Brisbane that was formed in March 2010 and started gigging in October 2010. With inspirations…


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