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  • Avatar for spunkbubble_
    These guys are massive!
  • Avatar for FredQuesadilla
    The only band that matters
  • Avatar for kremkrimcream
    последний альбом можно слушать вечно, если не сойдешь с ума
  • Avatar for MelancholicHead
    Absolutely masterpiece. Is there life after Unwound?
  • Avatar for Red_October2
    90% современных пост-хардкорщиков должны равняться на них
  • Avatar for Raudgrani
    очень хороши
  • Avatar for nahqq
    eu só queria um showzinho
  • Avatar for V-A
    I`m proud of my favorite band, they are getting more and more popular after their disbandment, but they will never become fucking mainstream.
  • Avatar for JHenrique_23
    obrigado por tudo xoxo
  • Avatar for cxmel
  • Avatar for choquinhoo
    god is top
  • Avatar for gabrirett
    perfect discography
  • Avatar for matheus_viniz
    fuckin genius
  • Avatar for Matt_Armonia
    So unreal, so unwound <3
  • Avatar for NBOMe_Wizard
    Pretty much obsessed with this band
  • Avatar for myonnnnn
    the absolute best band that has ever existed
  • Avatar for neocodin
    still the best band of all time [7]
  • Avatar for dethronedempera
    still the best band of all time [6]
  • Avatar for hierojoa
  • Avatar for JHenrique_23
    leaves turn inside you é o disco mais importante do começo do milênio
  • Avatar for NanneTolsma
    Thanks for the tips Doppz. Hard to get to know a album really well in the Spotify era. Should make some more time to also listen to their other albums.
  • Avatar for Doppz
    single history has some great tracks from all periods of unwound. Mile Me Deaf, Broken E Strings, Seen Not Heard.... I'd recommend picking up Empire just to hear Laszlo, which I think of one of their best songs.
  • Avatar for hierojoa
  • Avatar for feelingsreal
    I'm not gonna lie, but single history never sounded like "unwound" to me.
  • Avatar for unwovnd
    " Single history and unwound are a bit difficult to get into though." what
  • Avatar for Doppz
    Slowly learning to their discography on guitar. Justin has such a unique style, their songs are really enjoyable to play
  • Avatar for NanneTolsma
    Always to lazy to listen beyond Leaves, Fake Train and Repetition but have to say Challenge for a civilized society and future of what are pretty nice. Single history and unwound are a bit difficult to get into though.
  • Avatar for JoseRaulCortes
    still the best band of all time [5]
  • Avatar for Taki90
    Leaves is the best album ever !
  • Avatar for Yhudo
    why is fake train so low
  • Avatar for Doppz
    official unwound album ranking 2015: future of what > new plastic ideas > repetition > leaves turn > fake train > challenge > single history > uwnound
  • Avatar for helvettt
    Don't know what I'll do when you leave and don't see you for a year.
  • Avatar for elpablim
    Escucha y Descarga:
  • Avatar for unwovnd
    Still the best poser of all time.[0]
  • Avatar for splitandrelease
    still the best band of all time [3]
  • Avatar for SaltClock
    still the best band of all time [2]
  • Avatar for Doppz
    still the best band of all time
  • Avatar for moonage-
    Thank you.
  • Avatar for Evil-Deeds
    unwovnd is a poser
  • Avatar for unwovnd
    Results may vary.
  • Avatar for accidentXprone
    i had forgotten that article even existed but yes i suppose avclub was right
  • Avatar for subtlerfuge
    poor pvmnt, who are now so sad at this news.
  • Avatar for feelingsreal
    Wow, you mean avclub was right?
  • Avatar for accidentXprone
    unwnd is the best band of the 90s, sorry pvmnt
  • Avatar for radioheadindie
    theyre the best
  • Avatar for KEYBODE The final LP boxset in Numero's Unwound reissues.
  • Avatar for cheezeybaines
    AloPunk: Some of their music definitely delves into post-rock territory
  • Avatar for splitandrelease
    It sucks but what can you do... we still have there music to listen to, it's better than them staying together and possibly make a few bad records.
  • Avatar for FactoryConnor
    Just really getting into them, sad to hear that they dissolved 13 years ago.
  • Avatar for 3fingeredben
    there is no better band.


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