• Things I liked

    29 Dec 2009, 15:50 by merryXmas

    Christmas Music that was new (at least to me) I enjoyed this year:

    Classical: Christmas with Chanticleer - A great mix of some older and less recorded madrigals and carols with a few better known ones sung by one of the best classical all male A'Capella groups with a great female soloist

    Folk: Lo, He Came to Us is a great original song with great lyrics, feeling and musical backing. The rest of the EP is not as strong but is still interesting.

    Pop: I know it is not a new album but Dawn of Grace is a great CD. If On A Winter's Night is a solid CD, although the single track Soul Cake is my least favorite on it.

    Mixed artists: Unsigned Christmas is a project that I have enjoyed this year. The advent calender of songs at Adventskalender has some excellent songs. I have not been able to download all of them because the instructions are often in German.

    Have a happy New Year! I will see you next Christmas!
  • My summary

    23 Dec 2009, 01:08 by saltisol

    1. Tonight: Franz Ferdinand by Franz Ferdinand
    Already in January this year when this album was released, I made a bold statement to my friends that this was the album of the year despite 11 more months to come. I still believe so and it has been on steady rotation all year. I think its a fantastic album for a friday afternoon when gearing up for the night

    2. Them Crooked Vultures by Them Crooked Vultures
    It was many years ago that I felt an excitement about new music comparable to August 9, 2009 when I first heard about TCV and that they were doing their premiere show that same night. After spying on their mysterious homepage for a while (where the only link, marked 'X', did a google earth zoom on where their next show would take place) I managed to get tickets for me and my wife to their show at Hammersmith Apollo in London on December 17th. And at this show, I got to witness Dave Grohl play the drums for 90 minutes in a way that I didn't think was possible anymore. Truly amazing
  • Fantastic music that needs to be looked at by the criminally short-sighted music…

    3 Aug 2009, 18:28 by vjsupersaint

    OK then, well I think it's high time that someone stood up and shouted nice and loud about these unsigned artists. Because while most people are supporting the rich and the famous in music. There are still an awful lot of artists here on last.fm. That are being overlooked by listeners as well as the music industry. And it's not like they even deserve this treatment. Unsigned music is a genre in itself. That crosses a number of many genres, with appeal for listeners of all ages. Many of these artists also give away a lot of their music. Or at the very least make it available as a full preview stream. So once you've listened and found that the unsigned. Are not quite the leper's colony you thought they were. Then at at least you know what you like. When they make a buyable CD or digital download. This in turn keeps their music alive. And keeps us as avid listeners very happy.

    OK so here's a few of those great artists that I've been eluding to here