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  • Avatar for TuTAH_1
    ... но почему Firebr не на первом месте?! Это же моя любимая!
  • Avatar for TuTAH_1
    Это останется в памяти навсегда.... Это будет жить в моем сердце вечно....
  • Avatar for CyberMusicLover
    Jeez! Crazy shit!
  • Avatar for Gleitmann
  • Avatar for METALLER1992
    garbuh: Дизлайк на красной картинке и лайк на желаемой, слабо было так сделать?
  • Avatar for madnessXD
    Copy the link, broke the end of it.
  • Avatar for madnessXD
    For everyone who wants to hear Michiel van den Bos and Alexander Brandon again on the new Unreal Tournament, reply to this thread:
  • Avatar for nuslear_storm
  • Avatar for garbuh
    уберите эту ябучую красную хуету с глагне, заебало
  • Avatar for ilMarcos
    I feel you bro, same thing here.
  • Avatar for madnessXD
    I'm getting real tired of the "Keep your stats clean" image on my profile every time. Yes, I know that this is not an artist, but since it is impossible to change the tracks I already listened to and the soundtrack is made by multiple people, I think it should be allowed to have an image that doesn't look like a red square with text in it.
  • Avatar for WordsComeBack
  • Avatar for Instant71
    I love this soundtrack, so much nostalgia involved.
  • Avatar for METALLER1992
  • Avatar for Yuzefff
  • Avatar for UnrealKazu
    @ShyMorningStar If you happen to own UT99, you can export the music using UnrealEd and then convert them yourself.
  • Avatar for ShyMorningStar
    Always love this game ^^ and music is so EXCELLENT!!! But I still don't know, where to get this music with good bitrate...(((
  • Avatar for FTP130
    Unreal soundtrack is so good despite it being 14 years old
  • Avatar for DdevilX
    ну хоть фотку поставил и то радует
  • Avatar for vincister
    Correct artists:
  • Avatar for SkyFire2008
    I think Unreal Tournament is a pretty cool guy. Eh writes music and doesn't afraid of anything.
  • Avatar for Gleitmann
    Unreal Tournament...
  • Avatar for Seka_mH
    so, who is the author of this OSTs?
  • Avatar for liftarn
    Did you check ?
  • Avatar for Gleitmann tag this songs as Unreal Tournament...
  • Avatar for ColourMeCurious
    skyward fire is by far my favourite song on unreal~
  • Avatar for victorfreitas
    Ê saudades de quando eu jogava isso [2]
  • Avatar for Gleitmann
    my words...
  • Avatar for MuF123
    I hate that they rather put a banner here to clean all our tags instead of simply converting theses stats into correct name.... -_- duh
  • Avatar for MonSterSkiLL
    Razorback - freaking awesome!
  • Avatar for cocainess
    Mechanism Eight was my fav when I was 10. great game, great tracks.
  • Avatar for SaZhei
    yes true! Skyward Fire, Foregone Destruction, Course are definitely the best tracks!! awesome
  • Avatar for petsoundz
    skyward fire is godlike.
  • Avatar for victorfreitas
    Unreal foreveeer! Amazing soundtrack
  • Avatar for SeveralPeople
    one of the best shooters to do random shit it. fun game
  • Avatar for Gleitmann
    don't cry
  • Avatar for ZakBlayde
    It's not a composer or artist name.
  • Avatar for Clanfear
    "the best sountrack ever. this was my childhood" +9000 \m/
  • Avatar for Death_CZ
    2pizte: Thanks man, last time I was searching for correct tags I wasn't to be able to find anything.
  • Avatar for pizte
    There is now a Wikipedia entry with all the information. So if you know something about the soundtracks that there is not in that article... please help and write it yourself :) Here is the link:
  • Avatar for dozer-ufa
    ambient d'n'b drum and bass drum'n'bass drumm and bass electronic favorites game game music game music and soundtracks game remixes game soundtrack its all shit, put exact correct tags
  • Avatar for dozer-ufa
    people stop put stupid tags!
  • Avatar for UnrealKazu
    Why is it written in lowercase? That annoys the hell out of me =/
  • Avatar for mr_crowley999
    I don't like electronik, but this is the best game sundtrack!!!!
  • Avatar for didny
    the best sountrack ever. this was my childhood. <3
  • Avatar for ash22
    Great soundtrack; with the Unreal and Unreal - Return To Na Pali they are my favourite from Epic.
  • Avatar for Gleitmann
    really the best computer game music it ever gave. with each song have I a map and great memories before my eyes. whether I should install it times again?
  • Avatar for aFex_2
    Michiel van den Bos - Skyward Fire it's unrealy great song. i hear it nine years
  • Avatar for Seasonreaper
    UT and Q2 have great soundtracks too.
  • Avatar for slyfoxcooper
    only quake to match...


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