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Unpure is a Swedish black metal band formed in November 1991 in Nynäshamn by Hräsvelg and Kolgrim, who form the core of the band.

Over the years several guitarists have joined and left the band, including Åberg, Vic, Surth (known from Svartsyn), Poock, John Blackwar and Stormbringer (from Imperious) with Hräsvelg playing the drums, Kolgrim the bass and both sharing the vocal duties. In late January 97, Unpure started rehearsing with a session drummer Jonathon as Hräsvelg moved to take over the guitar duty, in preparation for a European tour which got cancelled. Jonathon remained on the drummer's seat however.
The current and most stable line-up thus is:
Hräsvelg: Guitars, vocals
Kolgrim: Bass, vocals
Jonathon: Drums

Unpure has released 4 demo tapes:
- Demo 1 - XCII (Recorded & mixed in September 1992 at Déjà Vu Studio and released 12th February 1993 on their 1st proper gig, has intro + 4 tracks + outro)
- Demo 2 '93 (Recorded during summer 1993 on Hräsvelgr's portable studio, mixed during the autumn 1993 and released in October 1993 - Intro + 5 tracks + outro)
- Demo 3 '94 (Recorded at the same time with Demo II, in the summer 1993, mixed during winter 1994 and released in April 1994 - Intro + 6 tracks + outro)
- Promotape 1998 (Recorded and mixed December 1997 - January 1998 at PJ Sound to Sound and released in the February 1998, has 5 tracks)

They have taken part in 2 split 7"EPs:
Headbangers Against Disco Vol.2, with Usurper & Nifelheim (Primitive Arts Records 1997)
Sabbatical Splitombstone, with Sabbat (Iron Pegasus 2001)

Last but not least they have 4 full-lenghts out:
- Unpure (Recorded & mixed January - February 1995 at Déjà Vu Studio and released by Napalm Records in April 1995, 10 tracks + outro)
- Coldland (Recorded & mixed June - August 1996 at PJ Sound to Sound studio, released in October 1996 by Napalm Records, has 10 tracks)
- Trinity In Black (Recorded November - December 2000 and mixed & mastered February - April 2001 at Studio Subsonic. Released in August 2001 by Drakkar Productions. 12 tracks)
- World Collapse (Recorded in April 2003 at Studio Subsonic. Mixed & mastered during spring 2004 at Studio Subsonic. CD version with 11 tracks released by Agonia Records on September 3rd 2004 and the vinyl with 2 bonus on November 17th 2005)

Unpure has also appeared on several compilations.

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